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Agentless Monitoring

Agentless monitoring is often preferred over agent-based monitoring technologies because of the perceived ease of deployment. Network devices via SNMP, storage devices via APIs and standards like SMI-S, and new age virtualization platforms like VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer with modern and robust APIs lend themselves for agentless monitoring.


eG Enterprise supports both agent and agentless monitoring. Administrators can pick and choose which parts of the infrastructure they want to monitor agentless and which ones are to be monitored agent-based. While agentless monitoring offers the same breadth of metrics that agent-based monitoring offers for infrastructure tiers with strong API support, for legacy servers and applications, agent-based monitoring allows deeper and more complete monitoring support.

Agentless Monitoring

Agentless monitoring in eG Enterprise is implemented using a remote data collector that uses protocols like SSH for Unix monitoring, Windows management instrumentation (WMI) for Windows servers and applications, HTTP/S for web-based applications, JMX for Java applications, SNMP for network devices, etc.

Agent vs. Agentless Monitoring Trade-offs

  Agentless Monitoring Agent-based Monitoring
Ease of deployment   Easier to deploy; software installation is required only on the remote data collector.   Agents need to be deployed on each server.
Security The remote data collector must be allowed to communicate with the target system on different ports. The data collector may also need to be installed with domain administration privileges to be able to access the remote systems. Much more secure than agentless monitoring. The agent to application / OS communications are handled internal to the server. Hence, no additional firewall rules need to be configured
Network overheads Introduces additional network traffic as the raw performance data is transported to a remote data collector Very bandwidth efficient – data is collected locally and only the processed final results are transported to the console.
Breadth and depth of monitoring Can be limited because not all applications and systems have built-in monitoring capabilities. Provides deeper, broader monitoring.


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