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In-depth performance monitoring for Java applications

Java Application Monitoring

Java applications are powering many businesses. Slow or poor Java application performance results in revenue loss, poor user experience and lost productivity. eG Enterprise Universal Insight is a unified performance monitoring, diagnosis and reporting solution for Java applications. You get total visibility into every layer and every tier of the Java application infrastructure from a single pane of glass. You can identify slow transactions and learn what database query or API call is causing the slowness. With just one click you can pinpoint if other tiers (i.e., database, storage, virtualization, etc.) are affecting Java application performance.

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Multi-tier architectures are used to deploy Java applications. While multi-tier architectures are great for scalability, the inter-dependencies between tiers make problem diagnosis a challenge. A problem in one tier (e.g., database) can affect the performance of all other tiers (e.g., Java middleware, web, messaging, etc.). 

The increasing adoption of virtualization and cloud computing for deploying Java applications poses additional challenges. The performance of the Java application is now also affected by that of the virtual machine and the hypervisor it is running on. For effective Java application performance management, end-to-end correlated performance visibility is a must, including Java server monitoring, database, storage and correlated insights throughout the rest of the physical and virtual infrastructure.

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  • Watch Webinar - JAVA Application Performance. Monitoring, Diagnosis and Reporting with eG Enterprise v6
    Total Performance Management for Java Applications
    • Visibility into operating system performance to determine impact on Java application performance
    • Deep insights into Java virtual machine performance: thread activity, locking, garbage collection, heap and non-heap memory usage, class loading, etc.
    • Monitoring of Java container performance for JBoss, Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, SAP NetWeaver, GlassFish and others
    • Tracing of web transactions across multiple Java tiers, providing visibility into Java method calls, web service calls, SQL queries, JMS accesses, etc.
  • Monitoring and Diagnosis for Java Applications
    Unique Capabilities of eG Enterprise Universal Insight for Java
    • Best of breed monitoring for Java applications
    • Integrated monitoring of every infrastructure tier - web, databases, virtualization, storage, networks
    • Multi-platform, multi-vendor, multi-version monitoring capabilities
    • Unique auto-baselining capability that proactively alerts on any performance deviations from the norm
    • Automatic "virtualization-aware" root-cause diagnosis capability that makes it possible for administrators to determine why their Java application is slow in just one click!

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano
Senior Manager, Allscripts

With eG Innovations, we are reducing system maintenance and support costs, avoiding incremental IT spending and eliminating system downtime across the hospital. Performance and prediction reports help us optimize IT spending and save $100,000 per year.

Peter Bakker
Manager, ICT GHZ

We can now quickly identify root causes of incidents, resolving them before users are impacted. Automatic prioritization and categorization of alerts helps  us better focus on the important issues and prioritize our resources accordingly.

Andrew Gowlett
Senior Consultant, C5 Alliance
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