JAVA Application Performance – Monitoring, Diagnosis and Reporting with eG Enterprise v6 [DEMO]

Watch the on-demand demo “JAVA Application Performance – Monitoring, Diagnosis and Reporting with eG Enterprise v6”.


Java apps are powering many business-critical IT services. They are also getting more complex and interconnected with other tiers and layers of the IT infrastructure. An issue anywhere in the Java stack can quickly cascade and negatively impact end user experience.

Watch the on-demand demo to see how next-generation application performance monitoring & analytics provides deep visibility into the Java stack to accelerate the diagnosis of application performance issues and quickly restore user experience. During the demonstration, you will see how to:

  • Have a single unified monitoring solution that addresses your application monitoring, diagnosis, analytics, and reporting needs;
  • Use intelligent analytics to analyze and correlate performance inside the Java stack and across the tiers of your IT environment to provide unparalleled speed & ease of proactive alerting, diagnosis & analysis;
  • View best-in-class customizable dashboards that integrate Java application performance metrics to provide real-time role-based and domain-based views on user experience, system and service health, resource consumption, capacity and more;
  • Report on historical performance and trends and analyze usage patterns to right-size and optimize your IT infrastructure for maximum ROI;

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