Monitoring the Citrix Delivery Controllers

A quick overview of troubleshooting and monitoring Citrix Delivery Controllers. Delivery Controller issues are often the root cause of failed or slow logons within a Citrix environment and different types of connection failures – user connection failures, machine failures, unregistered desktops can all be tracked from the DCs.

Podcast – How eG Innovations and Citrix complement each other

The Citrix Ready team recently recorded a podcast with eG Innovations for their Tech Fusion podcast series. Hosted by Neil C. Hughes from The Tech Blog Writer, Rachel Berry from eG Innovations’ product team, and CTP, Richard Faulkner, (Enterprise Solutions Architect, Conversant Group) discussed how eG Enterprise enhances and goes beyond native Citrix tools. Here’s the full transcript of the podcast…

Citrix Issues and Problems

Citrix environments pose unique and interesting challenges for IT admins. This blog post reviews best practices for detecting and troubleshooting Citrix user complaints quickly and efficiently.

Citrix Tips for Troubleshooting

Are Citrix admins aware of the importance of getting metrics about Domain Controllers? Because many EUC monitoring tools fail to monitor them. If you are an eG Enterprise user wondering if the link between the VDA/VDI and the Domain Controller (DC) is slow, all you need to do is pop open your real-user session data for the user with an issue and you will be able to see key metrics...

The Digital Workspace Monitoring Journey

Digital workspaces have been getting more attention in the last year as most organizations had to support Work From Home. Read this blog to learn about eG Innovations journey in the digital workspace landscape - how it started, what we have done, and where we are heading.

eG Partner Spotlight

eG Partner Spotlight: Enterprise Solutions

eG Innovations has launched a new program in which we select one of our many valued eG Innovations Channel Partners from around the globe to feature on the website and in other communications. For the first edition of the “eG Partner Spotlight,” we’re...

Citrix Performance Monitoring Miconception

What is Needed for Citrix Performance Monitoring?

There has been a lot of confusion around what tools and technologies are required to effectively monitor Citrix infrastructures. Rachel Berry, who was a product manager at Citrix, wrote on her blog about the enormous number of monitoring solutions available that could be used for Citrix...

Citrix Synergy

Who Does Citrix Use to Monitor Citrix? eG Innovations.

eG Enterprise: Exclusive Performance Monitoring Solution for Synergy ’15, Summit ’16 and Synergy ’16 This week, eG Innovations announced that Citrix has selected eG Enterprise as the exclusive performance monitoring solution for on-site physical and virtual infrastructure...