The Changing Requirements for Monitoring in Citrix Infrastructures

The increasing focus on VDI has meant that organizations are comparing XenDesktop and XenApp as alternatives for remote access and finding that depending on their requirements, XenApp is actually not a bad alternative! At the Gartner IOM summit last week, we were repeatedly asked what eG could do to help monitor and report on Citrix server farms. Clearly, lack of visibility and understanding of Citrix infrastructures is still a pain area for many.

The latest issue of Virtualization Review has an interesting article by Elias Khnaser on the changing needs for monitoring Citrix server farms. Read the article “Does Citrix Need to Change EdgeSight?” here>>>

Of particular interest is Elias’ mention of the changing needs for monitoring Citrix farms. These include:

  • “The ability to have a more comprehensive monitoring solution (for Citrix) is imperative.
  • We would also expect that this monitoring platform is now hypervisor-aware such that the monitoring understands the hypervisor layer and can also report any performance degradation or bottleneck at every junction.
  • And any enterprise customer can benefit from being able to see the different hops that the packets travel through and where a potential bottleneck exists.”

Sounds like a description of exactly what eG Enterprise does!

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