Watch Now: SAP Performance Monitoring – How to Improve SAP User Experience & Productivity

We would like to invite you to the on-demand webinar “SAP Performance Monitoring – How to Improve SAP User Experience & Productivity” – watch the webinar now:

We discuss during the webinar how complex and dynamic today’s SAP environments have become. Virtualization of SAP instances and the supporting infrastructure, for example, introduces new dependencies that make the management of SAP performance and user experience even more difficult, costly, and time consuming. In fact, when we asked our live webinar audience about their biggest SAP monitoring challenges, they confirmed that today’s typical SAP performance management approach is too slow and complex:

62% – Takes too long to troubleshoot performance problems

54% – Users complain about problems before IT finds them

39% – SAP experts required to monitor and troubleshoot SAP all the time

32% – Need deeper visibility into SAP stack

28% – Monitoring of the virtualization tier that SAP is running on

The toughest SAP service performance challenges are the ones where SAP end users call the helpdesk and complain that “SAP is slow”. SAP administrators then often struggle to determine and quickly repair the root-cause of the problem: Is it the SAP servers (ABAP, Java), the virtualization layer, transaction server, the network, storage or the desktop? Meanwhile, critical business processes are impacted, costing your company a lot of money and hurting the reputation of the IT operations team.

Watch the webinar recording now ( and find out how to:

  • Solve the toughest SAP performance issues and dramatically enhance user experience, SAP performance, and service uptime
  • Achieve real-time, in-depth visibility of the entire SAP environment and easily diagnose every layer of every tier (including the network tier, the web frontend applications, backend databases, storage, and even the virtualization platform)
  • Overcome diagnosis complexity and advance to rapid, pre-emptive problem solving
  • Empower your SAP helpdesk to do more, simplify troubleshooting and reduce the burden on scarce SAP experts
  • Reduce cost through higher uptime, scalability and improved resource utilization

Ready to become a SAP performance hero?