[WEBINAR] Citrix Performance Management Survey – Key Challenges & Best Practices

[Join the webinar “Citrix Performance Management Survey – Key Challenges & Best Practices” on October 15 –  https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/879409167)]

DABCC and eG Innovations conducted a comprehensive survey of the global Citrix user community to explore the current state of Citrix performance management and provide valuable benchmarks and new insights into the challenges, technology choices and best practices for Citrix performance management. Over 600 Citrix professionals responded to the survey and the results are in.


Join the webinar “Citrix Performance Management Survey – Key Challenges & Best Practices” on October 15  (register here: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/879409167) to learn about the key survey findings, and get valuable benchmarks and insights for your own Citrix performance management initiatives, including:

  • Why performance management is critical for the success of your Citrix deployments: 97% of respondents consider performance management to be important for the expansion of their Citrix infrastructure. 86% of respondents consider performance as a key concern during migration between Citrix versions.
  • How to overcome the biggest performance challenges you face:  Most respondents said is that Citrix gets blamed for all problems. However, a majority of the time (65%), performance problems are NOT directly caused by the Citrix tiers.
  • Where Citrix admins spend their time and how to reallocate resources for more strategic initiatives:  In over 60% of cases, Citrix admins spend more than 30% of their time with fire-fighting and troubleshooting performance problems. One of the key reasons is that Citrix performance management is mostly manual – 80% of respondents have to deal with two or more tools for managing their Citrix infrastructure.
  • What to do to make Citrix performance management more proactive:  The majority of respondents (68%) are looking to get alerted when there is a performance problem so they can fix issues before users notice.

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Webinar Title:  Citrix Performance Management Survey – Key Challenges & Best Practices

Presenters: Doug Brown (CEO, DABCC), Srinivas Ramanathan (CEO, eG Innovations) and Holger Schulze (VP Marketing, eG Innovations)

Date:  October 15 @ 11am ET | 10am CT | 8am PT | 4pm UK | 5pm CET

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