How Does eG Enterprise Monitor the Citrix Cloud Delivery Controller?

eG Enterprise monitors the Citrix Cloud Delivery Controller in an agentless manner. The eG agent should be deployed on the Citrix Cloud Connector host to monitor the Citrix Cloud Delivery Controller.

The eG agent makes Cloud API calls to connect to the delivery controller on the Citrix Cloud, and pulls a wide variety of useful metrics pertaining to the controller. To enable the eG agent to connect to and monitor the controller, you need to configure the eG agent with the following details:

  • A valid customer ID: When configuring the Citrix Cloud service, you should have created an API client on the cloud, so that any external program can communicate with the cloud. This API client is tied to a customer ID. The Citrix Cloud API requires this customer ID, when calling REST APIs. To get the customer ID for the API client that you have created in your environment, do the following:

    • Sign in to the Citrix Cloud administrator console.
    • Click the “hamburger menu” in the upper left corner of the console.
    • Select “Identity and Access Management” from the drop-down menu. An API Access page (see Figure 1 ) will open in the right panel. Look for the phrase , "use <customerID> as the customer parameter" in the right panel. The <customerID> displayed within that phrase (as highlighted in Figure 1) is the customer ID you need to configure the eG tests with.

      Figure 1 : Customer ID mapped to the API client

  • The path to the secure client file: When creating the API client on the cloud, you will be provided with an ID and a Secret for your client. Downloading this information saves a file named secureclient.csv. The eG agent uses the ID and Secret stored in this file to connect to the Citrix Cloud API. This is why, you will have to configure every test mapped to the Citrix Cloud Delivery Controller component with the full path to the secureclient.csv.