Site URL

Specify the URL for connecting to StoreFront / NetScaler. You can provide an HTTP or an HTTPS URL here. Before specifying the URL, ensure the following:

  • Only StoreFront 2.0 (or above) and NetScaler Gateway v9.3 (or above) is supported.
  • The URL should be added to thTrusted Sitese zone.
  • The Trusted Sites zone should be assigned the Medium-low security level.
  • When using Citrix StoreFront, make sure that the Authentication mode of StoreFront is set to Explicit.
  • Also, when using Citrix StoreFront, check if the Citrix StoreFront store that you want to set as the Site URL allows access from both internal and external networks. If so, then make sure Domain Pass-through is disabled for that store. For detailed steps, refer to Pre-requisites for Using eG Enterprise Logon Simulator for Citrix topic.