Test Period

Indicate how frequently the test should run. The default is 15 minutes.


  • Note:

    Some parameter changes can sometimes impact the simulation duration. Most often, this can happen in the following situations:

    • If multiple applications/desktops are configured for launching against published resources: In this case, the test will repeat the entire sequence of steps for every configured application/desktop - i.e., after an application is launched, the test will logoff and then log in again to attempt the launch of the next application. This can increase the duration of the simulation.
    • If the value of the Launch Timeout and/or the Web Logoff Delay parameters of the test is significantly increased: If this is done, then the simulator will wait that much longer for the application launch or logoff to happen, thereby increasing simulation duration.
    • If the Prompt flag of the test is set to Yes: If this is done, then the simulator will be forced to respond to each message prompt that appears during its interaction with the application. This in turn will increase simulation duration.

    Sometimes, these changes can cause the simulation to take more time than the configured Test Period.

  • If this happens, the test will fail after logging an error to that effect in the <EG_AGENT_INSTALL_DIR>\agent\error_log file. To avoid this, it would be good practice to relook at the TEST PERIOD configuration every time one of the parameters mentioned above is modified, and increase it if required.