Citrix XenMobile is an enterprise mobility management solution that provides administrators with mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and online file-sharing capabilities. To deliver these services to end-users, the XenMobile software suite includes a wide range of components – the Worx home application that allows mobile device users to access their unified corporate app store, the Citrix Netscaler that authenticates remote user sessions to the app store and ensures secure access, the XenMobile App Controller that stores the applications and data sources that can be accessed by users, Citrix ShareFile that enables efficient data sharing and synchronization across users, and the XenMobile Device Manager that protects the corporate network from mobile threats by applying configured mobile usage policies on devices and detecting non-conformances.

Figure 1 : The Citrix XenMobile Architecture

Since these components work closely with each other to deliver data and application mobility to end-users, a problem in any one of these components can ripple and affect the performance of the dependent components, thus affecting user experience with Citrix XenMobile. Naturally therefore, when a mobile device user complains of a slowdown when accessing data/applications within the corporate network, help desk very often struggles to figure out where the bottleneck lies – is it with Netscaler? Is it in the App Controller? is it because of the XenMobile Device Manager? or is it owing to Sharefile? This is where eG Enterprise helps! eG Enterprise provides end-to-end monitoring of the Citrix XenMobile infrastructure and precisely pinpoints the source of slowdowns in the XenMobile service offering. The out-of-the-box monitor that eG provides for the XenMobile Device Manager periodically checks and reports the availability, responsiveness, and overall health of the MDM component, and thus, accurately isolates the source of slowdowns that a mobile device user experiences when accessing corporate data/applications from remote locations.