Ignored Exceptions

This parameter will appear only if the ADVANCED SETTINGS flag is set to ‘true’. By default, this test flags the transactions in which the following errors/exceptions are captured, as Error transactions:

  • All unhandled exceptions;
  • Both handled and unhandled SQL exceptions/errors

Sometimes however, administrators may want eG to disregard certain unhandled exceptions (or handled SQL exceptions), as they may not pose any threat to the stability of the transaction or to the web site/web application. To achieve this, administrators can configure a comma-separated list of such inconsequential exceptions in the IGNORED EXCEPTIONS text box. Here, you need to configure each exception you want to exclude using its fully qualified exception class name. For instance, your IGNORED EXCEPTIONS specification can be as follows: java.sql.SQLException,java.io.FileNotFoundException. Note that wild card characters cannot be used as part of your specification. Once the exceptions to be excluded are configured, then this test will exclude all transactions in which such exceptions are captured from its count of Error transactions.