Non-POJO Method Tracing Limit

This parameter will appear only if the advanced settings flag is set to ‘true’. By default, when reporting the detailed diagnosis of a transaction on a particular JVM node, this test reports the execution time of only the first 1000 non-POJO method calls (which includes JMS, JCO, HTTP, Java, SQL, etc.) that the target JVM node makes for that transaction. This is why, the non-pojo method tracing limit parameter is set to 1000 by default. If you want, you can change the tracing limit to enable the test to report the details of more or fewer non-POJO method calls made by a JVM node. While a high value for this parameter may take you closer to identifying the non-POJO method that could have caused the transaction to slowdown on a particular JVM node, it may also marginally increase the overheads of the transaction and the eG agent.