URL Patterns

Provide a comma-separated list of PatternName:URLPattern pairs to be monitored. The PatternName can be any name that uniquely identifies the pattern. These PattenNames will be the descriptors of this test. For the URLPattern, you can either provide the exact URL to be monitored , or can provide a pattern. For instance, if you want to monitor requests to distinct and specific web pages - say, login.jsp and payment.jsp of a web application - then you can specify the exact URL of these web pages as your URL PATTERNS. In this case your specification will be,Login:/web/login.jsp,Payment:/web/payment.jsp. On the other hand, if you want to monitor requests to all payment-related web pages in a web application - say, payment.jsp, creditcardpayment.jsp, debitcardpayment.jsp, onlinepayment.jsp, and more - and you want the metrics to be grouped under a single head called Payment, then you can specify a pattern instead of the exact URL. In this case, your URL PATTERNS specification will be Payment:*payment*. The leading '*' in the specification signifies any number of leading characters, while the trailing '*' signifies any number of trailing characters. This means that the specification in our example will track requests to all pages with names that contain the word payment. Your URLPattern can also be *expr or expr* or *expr1*expr2* or expr1*expr2, etc.