The Lync Conferencing Services Layer

Using the tests mapped to this layer, you can easily identify the conferencing activities occurring of the Microsoft Skype for Business server and figure out the following:

  • The current health and draining state of the Application sharing Conference unit, the Data MCU server and the Instant Messaging multipoint control unit;
  • Know how well the conferences are handled by the Application sharing conference unit
  • How many RDP connections failed in the Application sharing Control unit?
  • How many whiteboards were served by the Data MCU server and how many conferences are currently active on the Data MCU server?;
  • How many conferences were active on the Instant Messaging multipoint control unit and how many message delivery failure notification messages were sent from the server?;
  • Know how many add user and add conference responses failed in the server
  • How many conferences were initiated fro each service and how many conference processing was actiually delayed?;
  • How many times the application endpoint creation failed for the Conferencing Auto Application service and how many incoming calls were actually incomplete?

lync conferencing services

Figure 1 : The tests mapped to the Lync Conferencing Services layer

Let us discuss each test of this layer in details in the following topics;