CloudWatch Enabled

This flag applies to the AWS-EC2 VM Resource Usage and aws-ec2 vm Aggregate Resource usage tests only. These tests report critical metrics pertaining to the resource usage of the server instances launched in the cloud. If you want these tests to report resource usage metrics very frequently - say, once every minute or lesser - you will have to configure the tests to use the AWS CloudWatch service. This is a paid web service that enables you to monitor, manage, and publish various metrics, as well as configure alarm actions based on data from metrics. To enable the above-mentioned tests to use this service, set the cloudwatch enabled flag to true. On the other hand, to report resource usage metrics less frequently - say, once in 5 minutes or more - these tests do not require the AWS CloudWatch service; in this case therefore, set the cloudwatch enabled flag to false. Note that for enabling CloudWatch, you will have to pay CloudWatch fees. For the fee details, refer to the AWS EC2 web site.