How does eG Manager Monitor Oracle VM Manager?

eG Enterprise monitors the oracle Manager in an agentless manner. All that is required is a single eG agent installed on a remote Windows host. This eG agent should then be configured to employ a patented ‘In-N-Out’ monitoring approach for measuring and reporting the health of an Oracle VM manager and its VMs. According to this approach, the eG agent remotely connects to the Oracle VM Manager and uses the Oracle VM Manager web services API to monitor the health of the Oracle VM manager’s host and to measure how each VM on the host uses the host’s physical resources. This is the “outside view of VM performance”, with the help of which the resource-hungry VMs on the host can be isolated. The eG agent then directly connects to each VM on the monitored host to pull out statistics revealing the internal health of each VM – i.e., revealing how each VM utilizes the resources allocated to it. This is the “inside view of VM performance”, which reveals what is causing a VM to consume resources excessively.