Oracle VM Manager provides a central place to manage Oracle VM Server for x86 and SPARC. It streamlines tasks that are normally highly manual and time-intensive to significantly reduce data center costs and complexity.  Oracle VM Manager 3 application runs on 64-bit Oracle Linux 5.5 OS or later. For its management repository, Oracle VM Manager uses an Oracle Database or MySQL Database as the management repository. 

As can be inferred from Figure 1.1, multiple virtual machines on the Oracle VM server share the the physical resources of the server – i.e., the CPU, memory, network, and disk resources of the host. This resource dependency introduces many management troubles for administrators! For instance, a resource contention at the host-level will not only affect the performance of the host, but also the VMs on the host. In the same way, a resource-intensive application running on any of the VMs will significantly degrade the performance of the other VMs on the host and even the virtual host itself. This is why, when a virtual application slows down, administrators often take hours to figure out where the bottleneck is – is it owing to the a resource-starved host? Is it because of resource-intensive applications running on VMs? Or is because of poor resource allocation to the VMs? The specially designed Oracle VM Server model that eG Enterprise accurately answers these questions!