Determining the Client ID/Name for the eG Agent to Connect to the SAP ABAP Instance

To know which client ID to configure, do the following:

  1. From any SAP client, execute the SAPlogon tool using the menu sequence: Start -> Programs -> SAP Front End -> SAPlogon (see Figure 236).

    Figure 236 : Opening the SAPlogon tool

  2. Select a connection from the right panel of Figure 237, click on the Logon button, and login to the SAP ABAP Instance using a valid user name and password (see Figure 238).

    Figure 237 : Clicking on the Logon button

    Figure 238 : Logging into the SAP Easy access console

  3. Once Figure 239 appears, type the transaction code scc4 in the area indicated by Figure 239.

    Figure 239 : Accessing the Client Maintenance node

  4. A Display View “Clients” page will appear (see Figure 240), which will display the details of SAP clients. Identify the client ID that you want the eG agent to use for connecting to the SAP ABAP instance, and configure the clientname parameter of the eG tests with it.

Figure 240 : The Clients list