How does eG Enterprise Monitor SAP Hybris?

The eG Enterprise is capable of monitoring the SAP Hybris using either an internal or remote agent. SAP Hybris implements Java Management Extensions (JMX) to allow the remote observation and management of your installation, allowing you to call methods within a running application for direct application monitoring. eG Enterprise uses the same to monitor various parts of the SAP Hybris installation using either an internal agent or remote agent.

Prior to monitoring the SAP Hybris, administrators should ensure that eGAgent is configured to support JMX authentication, JMX user is setup, JMX port and JNDI names are known.

Below are the prerequisites to monitoring the SAP Hybris :

  • Authorized JMX user needs to be created on target SAP Hybris installation.

  • By default, JMX remote access functionality is disabled by default in SAP Hybris, it needs to be enabled using the below procedure:

    1. Go to <HYBRIS_CONFIG_DIR>/tomcat/conf directory and open the server.xml file.

    2. In server.xml, un-comment the listener for the org.apache.catalina.mbeans.JmxRemoteLifecycleListener class.

    3. Save server.xml

    4. Go to <HYBRIS_CONFIG_DIR> and edit your file.

    5. In your properties file, edit the tomcat.generaloptions property and add the following options to it: - Dorg.tanukisoftware.wrapper.WrapperManager.mbean=true

    6. Save the properties file.

    7. Run ant server.