Integrating Multiple eG Managers with SCOM

Typically, a single eG manager can monitor up to 3000 components/devices. In large IT infrastructures, where tens of thousands of components are to be monitored, multiple eG managers are common-place. To ensure the scalability of the eG Universal MP in such environments, a dedicated eG SCOM connector setup is required for every eG manager.

Figure 182 : Integrating multiple managers with SCOM

The following configuration guidelines need to be followed for this specific case.

  • Configure the same SDK user account in all connectors.
  • Configure a different manager ID for every connector.
  • The eG management pack which gets installed on the SCOM server will be common for all connectors.  The configuration tool automatically determines whether/not multiple connectors are configured on the SCOM server. If some other connector is already using the eG management pack, the tool will skip the import/delete operation for the eG management pack. 


If two/more managers that are to be integrated with SCOM have IC/aggregate tests with the same names, then before integrating these managers with SCOM, make sure that these common tests report the same measures – i.e., the names, functionality, and the count of measures should be the same.