Viewing Measures

To view the measures reported by the Client Emulation test, do the following:

  1. Login to the eG monitor interface.
  2. From the Components menu, select the Servers option. Once the component list page appears, select the Emulated Client option from the Type list therein, so as to view the current state of all components of type Emulated Client. Then, click the Submit button (see Figure 15).

    Figure 15 : The Component List page

  3. The Emulated Client component that we had configured previously will then be listed (see Figure 15). Click on the component to view its layer model, tests, and measurements (see Figure 16).

    Figure 16 : Viewing the layer model, tests, and measurements of the Emulated Client

  4. Figure 16 displays the Availability and Response time of the Citrix script. This step calculates the time taken by a Citrix user to login to the Citrix application, and reports this time as the Response time. Also, note that all the transactions that have been included in the Citrix script appear as descriptors of the test (see Figure 16).
  5. Besides the transactions that we had explicitly recorded for this script, Figure 16 also displays an additional descriptor named, Citrix-1 Total. This descriptor - internally generated by the eG Enterprise, reports the total time taken for script execution as the Response time. Figure 16 reveals the response time returned by the Citrix-1 Total descriptor. This is the total time taken to login to the Citrix XenDesktop, open the Notepad application published on it, add a line of text to the Notepad, and close the application without saving the changes.