Monitoring VDI-in-a-Box On XenServer

To monitor the Citrix XenServer and the vdimanager operating on it, use the VDI in a Box / XenServer monitoring model.


Figure 1 : Layer model of VDI in a Box/XenServer

Each layer of this model is mapped to tests that report a variety of statistics related to the Citrix XenServer and the VDI in a box appliance running on it. While the two layers at the bottom of the layer model focus on the health of the operating system and the network of the Xen host, the top two layers perform ‘In-N-Out’ monitoring of the virtual desktops operating on the target XenServer. To ascertain the status of the vdimanager and its operations on the other hand, you need to use the Virtual Desktops and VDI in a Box Broker layers.

To enable the eG remote agent to pull out all these performance statistics, you first need to make sure that the following pre-requisites are in place:

For monitoring the vdimanager:

  • The eG agent should be able to connect to the vdimanager via SSH and pull out the metrics. For this purpose,  the default SSH port, 22, should be opened on the vdimanager. If your environment has been configured with a different SSH port, then make sure that port is open.
  • The eG agent should be able to login to the vdimanager appliance for monitoring and metrics collection. To enable this, you need to configure all tests that the eG agent executes on the vdimanager with the credentials of a user with login rights. By default, the appliance supports a root user named root and a user named kvm. If you prefer not to expose the credentials of the root user, then you can configure the tests with the credentials of the other user kvm for this purpose. By default, the user root takes the password root, and the user kvm takes the password kaviza123.

For ‘In-N-Out’ monitoring of the Citrix XenServer and its VMs:

  • Make sure that the pre-requisites pertaining to ‘agentless’ monitoring of XenServers (detailed in the Monitoring XenServers) are fulfilled.

For details on the Virtual Desktops and VDI In a Box Broker layers refer to the Managing the VDI-in-a-Box on VMware vSphere chapter. For all the other layers, refer to the Monitoring XenServers document.