Monitoring VDI-in-a-Box on VMware vSphere

To monitor VMware vSphere and the vdimanager operating on it, use the VDI in a Box / VMware monitoring model.


Figure 1 : Layer model of VDI in a Box/VMware

Each layer of this model is mapped to tests that report a variety of statistics related to the VMware vSphere server and the VDI-in-a-Box appliance running on it. While the five layers at the bottom of Figure 2.1 focus on the health of the hardware, operating system, and the network of the VMware host, the top two layers perform ‘In-N-Out’ monitoring of the virtual desktops operating on the target VMware host. To ascertain the status of the vdimanager and its operations on the other hand, you need to use the Virtual Desktops and VDI in a Box Broker layers.

The sections that follow will discuss the Virtual Desktops and vdi In a Box Broker layers alone, as all the other layers have been dealt with elaborately in the Monitoring VMware Infrastructures document.