What is VMware Horizon Identity Manager?

VMware Identity Manager is a service that extends your on-premises directory infrastructure to provide a seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) experience to Web, Mobile, SaaS, and legacy applications that may be consumed as a service or downloaded and installed on-premises. Identity Manager integrates with AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management™ to enable the industry-first seamless SSO to native mobile apps and comes complete with an enterprise app store, SAML identity provider (IDP), application usage analytics, conditional access policy engine, and more. With the help of the Identity Manager administrators perform the following tasks:

  • Simplify business mobility with included identity provider (IDP)
  • Establish trust between users, devices and the hybrid cloud for a seamless user experience
  • Build a branded self-service app store

VMware Identity Manager supports two horizontal solutions today:

  • Mobile and SaaS app delivery
  • Accelerating Office 365 Deployments

Why Monitor VMware Horizon Identity Manager?

VMware Identity Manager leads the industry with unique conditional access controls that allow administrators to set policies on whether a device is managed or unmanaged. If an application stores sensitive data, it should be under management so that information can be wiped if lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. In large virtualized environments where applications are managed centrally using the VMware Identity Manager, it is the responsibility of the administrators to constantly keep track on whether the VMware Identity Manager is accessible. The data flowing through the VMware Identity Manager should also be tracked periodically. In addition, administrators should also keep a constant vigil on the applications that are managed, the user accessing the applications, the access policies that apply to each user, the health of the integrated components etc. Therefore it is necessary to monitor the VMware Identity Manager round the clock! For this purpose, eG Enterprise has developed a specialized VMware Horizon Identity Manager monitoring model.