Increasing the Memory of the eG Manager Process

The eG manager runs as a Java process. Typically, 1/3rdof the total system memory is the maximum heap memory that can be allocated to the eG manager process.

Where a large number of components are to be monitored, you may want to allocate more memory heap to the eG manager process. On a Unix manager, follow the steps below to modify the heap memory allocation:

  1. Login to the eG manager host. Edit the file in the /opt/egurkha/manager/tomcat/bin directory.
  2. Search for the XMX parameter in the file. This parameter specifies the maximum memory allocation to the eG manager process. Increase the value of the XMX parameter to increase the memory cap of the eG manager process. For instance, if you want the eG manager process to use a maximum of 2 GB of memory, then your XMX specification will be as follows:


  1. Next, search for the NEWSIZE parameter in the file. This parameter specifies the minimum size of young generation which is allocated at initialization of JVM. By default, this should be 1/4th of the maximum memory allocation. This means, if you increase the XMX value to say 2048 MB, you should increase NEWSIZE to 512 MB. In this case, the NEWSIZE specification should be as follows:


  2. Then, save the file.

  3. Finally, restart the eG manager.

While overriding the default heap memory allocations to the eG manager process, ensure that the allocated heap memory is not greater than the total memory capacity of the eG manager host.