Starting the eG Agent on a Windows 2008/7/Vista System with Italian Locale

Before starting the eG agent deployed on a Windows 2008/7/Vista system with Italian language support, you need to ensure that the language settings of the user who is currently logged into that Windows system are copied to the Local System, Local Service, and Network Service accounts (i.e., the system accounts). For this purpose, follow the steps discussed below on a Windows 2008/7/Vista system that supports the Italian language:

  1. Go to the Pennello di controllo (the Control Panel in English) window and double-click on the Paese e lingua (Region and Language in English) option therein (as indicated by Figure 1).

    Figure 1 : The Control Panel

  2. Figure 2 will then appear. Click on the Opzioni di amminsrazione tab page (Administrative tab page in English) and click the Copia impostazioni (Copy Settings in English) button therein.

    Figure 2 : The Administrative tab page

  3. When Figure 3 appears, select the Schermata iniziale e account di sistema check box (i.e., the Welcome screen and system accounts check box in English) therein and click the ok button to copy the current user’s settings to the system accounts.

    Figure 3 : Copying the current user’s settings to the system accounts