Get Critical WebLogic Performance Metrics at Your Fingertips

Business Transactions
  • Slow transactions
  • Stalled transactions
  • Transactions with errors
  • Slow SQL statements
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • Cached, used, idle, locked and destroyed beans
  • Thread timeouts
  • Cache hit and miss rates
  • Activation and passivation rates
  • Transaction commits, rollbacks and timeouts
  • Access and miss attempts
  • Maximum, minimum and average servlet execution time
  • Invocation count
  • Servlet reloads
  • Data received
  • Data pending count
  • Session pool count
  • Current, received and pending messages
  • Destination current count
Queues and Topics
  • Messages pending, moved and deleted
  • Bytes and consumers count
Threads and Work Managers
  • Idle and stuck threads
  • Thread utilization
  • Completed and pending requests
  • Connections created, destroyed, matched, rejected, and recycled
  • Current active and free connections
  • Maximum capacity
JDBC Connectivity
  • Pool availability
  • User connections %
  • Current active connections
  • Waiting requests
  • Connections added to pool
  • Leaked connections
  • Failures to reconnect
  • Connection delay
JDBC Queries
  • Select, insert, update, delete, commit and rollback query rates
  • JDBC query error rate