Opportunity Registration More Information

Opportunity registration allows partners to receive superior support throughout the customer acquisition process. Registration also reduces the risk of competitive bidding and channel conflict. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand our approach and process for registering opportunities.

How does it work?

You must fill out the on-line form to register your opportunities. There are certain requirements which must be satisfied in order for opportunities to qualify for opportunity registration including:

  • Completion of all mandatory fields on the on-line registration form.
  • Availability to discuss the opportunity with an eG Innovations account manager.
  • Ability for eG innovations to contact the end user to validate the opportunity as needed. It is your responsibility to ensure that the end user is willing to speak with eG innovations about the opportunity; we will not contact your customer without your support.

What types of opportunities can be registered?

  • Net new opportunities to eG Innovations.
  • Net new products or projects to an existing customer. (Note: These types of opportunities can be registered by a different partner from the one who closed the original eG Innovations sale.)
  • Leads that eG Innovations has passed to you and/or opportunities that have been uncovered by you or your organization.

Why do I need to complete all of the mandatory (*) fields on the Opportunity Registration page?

eG Innovations requires you to give us as much information as possible about the opportunity. This is particularly important, if more than one partner is trying to register the same opportunity. If the mandatory fields are not completed, you will not be able to submit the registration form. eG Innovations reserves the right to validate an opportunity with the customer directly. It is your responsibility to make the customer aware that eG Innovations may call; we will not contact your customer without your support.

Can multiple partners register the same opportunity?

No. Our goal is to give only one approval to one partner. For this reason it is important to register opportunities as soon as the value of the sale can be forecasted and you can complete the on-line registration.

What do I get if my opportunity is registered and approved?

Once approved, you will receive an email indicating we have received your form and that the opportunity is registered.

What do I get if my opportunity is registered and approved?

Yes, registering opportunities provides a diverse set of benefits including allowing us to provide the best type of support to help you close the opportunity as quickly as possible.