From pilot to production, eG Enterprise empowers enterprise organizations to deliver a better user experience and increased ROI by delivering comprehensive, converged performance management of Java application services. With optimized Java platforms delivered through Zing, Azul Systems enables Java-based businesses to focus on functionality and long-term lower operating costs rather than daily firefighting. Together, eG Enterprise and Azul Systems offer a proven Java environment designed to optimize the deployment, management, and scale of Java application services.

Watch this on-demand webinar where Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations and Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO of Azul Systems discuss how:

  • Java Application Service Management can be simplified and made more cost-effective, while delivering a better user experience
  • eG Enterprise enhancements provide insights into Java applications running on the Zing runtime
  • eG Enterprise and Azul Zing working together in a production Java installation can reduce costs, optimize deployments and deliver optimum user satisfaction

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Simon Ritter

Simon Ritter

Deputy CTO
Azul Systems

Bala Vaidhinathan

Bala Vaidhinathan

eG Innovations

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With eG Enterprise we are a step ahead of our users. When eG's root-cause engine identifies where a problem is, we know we are not going down the wrong path.

- Donna Jellison, Manager of Intel Systems at Alverno Information Systems.

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