Since 2016, Nimble Works uses eG Enterprise to provide Citrix and end-to-end monitoring solutions to customers. - A Channel Partner Case Study

NIMBLE uses eG Enterprise for everything: from quick IT environment checks to large enterprise deployments.

From eG Innovations we get the attention we want from a business partner. If we have any sales-related or technical questions or opportunities, eG Innovations is there to help. Their Europe team thinks only in terms of solutions and possibilities; this helps us get the best possible solution to our customers.
Together with eG Innovations, we work on the best possible scope and requirements for our prospects and that makes it easy for us to talk to our prospects and customers alike.
The level of collaboration and support we get from the eG Innovations team, is what we expect from a true partnership - and the team definitely delivers! Quote

Dieter BoonenWorkplace Architect & Co-Founder - NIMBLE  |  Download Case Study

Key Benefits

  • For their customer's IT teams - Faster resolution with reduced MTTR because of accurate, topology-based root cause analysis. This helps their customers' IT teams to quickly isolate and pinpoint the issue even before end users are impacted. For their financial and transportation customers, each minute of downtime directly leads to loss of business/profits.
  • For the end users - The end users of their customers now work more efficiently and have a much better user experience than before. This results in happy employees with higher productivity.

Why eG Enterprise?

  • eG Innovations is always prepared to discuss business propositions and to help NIMBLE provide a solution that exactly matches their customers' requirement. With the help of eG Innovation's sales and pre-sales teams, they always get a precise and clear scope of work for the project, which aligns with their customer's objectives.
  • During every POC, the eG Innovations' team is closely involved.
  • eG Enterprise is a complete end-to-end monitoring platform packaged in a single-pane-of-glass solution. This provides the insights they need into their customer's IT environment. It also gives their customers the confidence that IT problems will be solved fast.
  • Within eG Enterprise, one can monitor the full stack of infrastructure and application components immediately. eG Enterprise's roadmap is very clear, and it is always up to date with the latest patches and releases as eG Innovations is a technical partner with all leading IT vendors. Their domain expertise and important technical partnerships gives NIMBLE the confidence to implement and offer eG Enterprise to their customers.

Location: Belgium
Vertical: Channel Partner

What does Nimble Works do?

Since 2016, Nimble Works (also referred to as NIMBLE) has built modern workplace solutions that are fast, secure, and reliable to help medium- to large-scale organizations enable their remote workforce.

To do this, they focus heavily on automation, security, and state-of-the-art IT monitoring. Through their IT performance monitoring services, NIMBLE can demonstrate where technical problems are situated in complex IT environments and optimize resource utilization to their growing list of customers.

NIMBLE's IT consultants are convinced that with the right solution, their customers save time, optimize their resources, and deliver a better user experience.

The Context

Prior to founding NIMBLE, co-founders, Dieter Boonen and Gregory Hoogsteyns, worked as IT consultants at major enterprise-scale organizations. One of their customers had a requirement for an end-to-end monitoring solution for which Dieter and Gregory were instrumental in researching multiple monitoring solutions via Proof of Concepts (POCs) and finally selected eG Enterprise as the preferred monitoring tool.

When they founded NIMBLE, they partnered with eG Innovations to provide eG Enterprise as their exclusive monitoring solution to their customers.

eG Innovations, an Exclusive Channel Partner

With extensive prior knowledge and direct experience with eG Enterprise for end-to-end monitoring, Dieter and Gregory decided to be an exclusive channel partner of eG Innovations when they launched NIMBLE.

In addition, they were extremely comfortable, confident, and happy about continuing to work with the eG Innovations' local team in the DACH and Benelux regions to provide better solutions and support to their customers.

eG Enterprise: Current Deployments

NIMBLE has deployed eG Enterprise's latest version for their customers in the following verticals:

  • Finance - 1,600 concurrent Citrix end users / 30x ESXi / 150 Citrix Servers along with approximately 15 other infrastructure backend servers
  • Travel & Transportation - 3,000 concurrent Citrix end users / 20x ESXi / 300 Citrix Servers along with approximately 15 other infrastructure backend servers
eG Enterprise's implementation only takes a couple of days and then you are fully set up and ready to go. They have used this tool for everything from quick IT environment checks to large enterprise deployments.
For their Travel & Transportation customer, downtime can quite literally bring the business to a halt and that costs money! After using eG Enterprise, the customer gets direct insights into the actual root cause of a performance issue so that they can fix it before it starts impacting their business.
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It is truly amazing that eG Innovations delivers above and beyond what they promise.Quote Gregory Hoogsteyns Co-Founder - NIMBLE  |  Download Case Study »

Their Future Plans

eG Enterprise is NIMBLE's standard offering to all their existing and new customers.

As Dieter and Gregory are always in the loop on eG Enterprise's roadmaps and updates, they will keep offering it, with additional features and functionalities, to their prospects as well.

eG Enterprise enables us to do more business with more customers. Quote Gregory Hoogsteyns Co-Founder - NIMBLE