Citrix Virtual Apps Monitoring (XenApp Monitoring)

Track Citrix logon time, ICA RTT, app launch time and other KPIs when accessing Citrix Virtual Apps. Proactively monitor the entire application chain and quickly get to the root-cause of problems. Get actionable reports for right-sizing and capacity planning.

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eG Enterprise is a Citrix Ready monitoring solution for Citrix Virtual Apps (Citrix XenApp). Purpose-built for Citrix workspaces, eG Enterprise incorporates deep domain expertise, actionable insights and analytics required to detect, diagnose and troubleshoot Virtual Apps performance problems, and ensure high-performing virtual applications.

Citrix Ready

End-to-End Monitoring and Performance Assurance
for Citrix Virtual Apps Environments

Free Citrix Logon Simulator for Citrix XenApp
  • Track critical performance metrics and get alerted to issues
  • Gain unparalleled visibility into Citrix logon time, ICA RTT, network latency, line speed, bandwidth, users and applications
  • Monitor the Virtual Apps service end to end, not just as individual silos
  • Troubleshoot issues with automated performance correlation and root cause diagnosis
  • Right-size and optimize your Citrix infrastructure using historical trends and capacity planning insights

Solve Your Top
Citrix Virtual Apps Problems in Minutes

  • Troubleshoot Slow Logons

    • Find out why Citrix XenApp server logon is slow
    • Get the breakdown of logon time and identify which step is causing slowness
    • Is it due to GPOs? User profile? Active Directory? Logon script execution?
  • Why is Application Access Slow?

    • Monitor application launch time
    • Automatically pinpoint the root cause
    • Is it due to network? CPU spike in Virtual Apps server? Virtualization bottleneck? StoreFront enumeration delay?
  • Avoid Virtual Apps Capacity Issues

    • Analyze historical user trends and server resource utilization patterns
    • Use built-in capacity planning reports to forecast how many more users can be added to each Virtual Apps server
    • Improve user density on XenApp servers

eG Enterprise for Citrix Virtual Apps Monitoring

Virtual Apps Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Rapid Root-Cause Analysis

eG Enterprise provides unparalleled insights into Citrix Virtual Apps delivery. With eG Enterprise you can:

  • Use synthetic and real-user monitoring to monitor all aspects of user experience
  • Monitor every layer and every tier of your Citrix infrastructure
  • Get to the root-cause of performance problems in one click
  • Easily build custom dashboards for different stakeholders in addition to numerous out-of-the-box ready to go dashboards.
  • Right-size your Citrix virtual apps deployment for better ROI
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Intuitive Monitoring
Dashboards, Analytics and Reports

With eG Enterprise, you can cut down the time of troubleshooting and be proactive instead of reactive – which, in turn, translates into productivity for the organization.

Giri SontyEnd-User Computing Consultant, CUGC NY/NJ Metro Leader

Customized and Purpose-Built Monitoring
for Citrix Virtual Apps

eG Enterprise is a purpose-built monitoring solution for Citrix Virtual Apps deployments. eG Enterprise is compatible with the FMA architecture, new deployment models in the cloud and all functionalities in Citrix Virtual Apps.

  • Monitor performance Citrix HDX adaptive transport (EDT)
  • Track impact on logon time when Citrix WEM is used
  • Track GPU utilization per user and per application
  • Measure connection quality between user terminal to Virtual Apps site
  • Monitor Virtual Apps delivered as a Citrix Cloud service
  • Native support for monitoring Linux VDAs
  • User Experience
    • Logon time
    • Profile load time
    • Application launch time
    • Screen refresh latency
    • User network quality
    • StoreFront response time
    • EDT performance
  • HDX Channels
    • Bandwidth used
    • Line speed
    • Audio bandwidth
    • Video bandwidth
    • Printer bandwidth
    • Drive bandwidth
    • Framehawk bandwidth
  • User & Application Activity
    • Session active time and idle time
    • Top users by CPU, memory, IOPS, GPU
    • Top applications by CPU, memory, IOPS, GPU
    • Application launch time
    • Browser URLs accessed by users
  • Virtual Apps Sessions
    • Who logged in and when
    • What application did they access
    • When disconnects happen
    • Idle time in session
    • Top users by session duration
  • Citrix Tiers
    • NetScaler
    • StoreFront
    • Provisioning Services
    • Delivery Controller
    • License server
    • Database
  • Supporting Infrastructure
    • Virtualization platform
    • Storage
    • Network in data center
    • Network to user terminals
    • Infra services – AD, DNS
    • Cloud (AWS, Azure)
and more metrics

Proactive Logon Monitoring Using Citrix Logon Simulator

  • Simulate the exact steps your users go through when they log on to their Citrix Virtual Apps session
  • Track the time taken for every step of the logon process from browser access, authentication, session establishment, enumeration and application launch
  • Detect Citrix logon issues proactively and troubleshoot them before end users are affected
  • Test application availability and logon performance 24x7
  • Baseline and compare user experience across multiple locations
Citrix Virtual Apps Monitoring for Real-Time Troubleshooting

Real-Time Monitoring
of Citrix Virtual Apps User Experience

  • Track logon and user experience for every user session in real time
  • Identify which users are affected, when and where
  • Analyze client-side and server-side start-up durations side by side to easily isolate where problems lie
  • Compare screen refresh latency and client network latency
  • Track session disconnects, packet loss, retransmits, errors, etc.
  • Get bandwidth breakdown by HDX virtual channel
  • Monitor resource usage by application and URLs accessed
Virtual Apps Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Rapid Root-Cause Analysis

Prove It’s Not Citrix:
Uncover the Real Cause of Citrix Performance Problems

  • Single-Pane-of-Glass Visibility
    Visualize the entire Citrix service topology on a single pane of glass
  • Automated Dependency Mapping Automatically discover interdependencies between Citrix tiers and the supporting infrastructure
  • Root Cause Analysis
    Auto-correlate performance alerts across the infrastructure and pinpoint the root cause of problems in minutes
  • Simplified Problem Triage
    Embedded analytics helps easily differentiate the cause of problems from their effects
  • AI-Powered Machine Learning
    Automatically baseline the Virtual Apps environment and get alerted to performance deviations
Citrix Root Cause Analysis | Virtual Apps Troubleshooting

What is Citrix Virtual Apps?

Citrix Virtual Apps (formerly known as Citrix XenApp) is an application virtualization technology from Citrix Systems. Virtual Apps allows you to virtualize Windows or Linux applications and stream to any thick, thin or mobile client. Without having to install the application in their workstations, Citrix users can gain secure remote access, enabled by Virtual Apps. The end user needs to have the Citrix Receiver software in his/her terminal, which will communicate with the Virtual Apps server installed in the Citrix Site. To access their published applications, Citrix users can login to their Citrix session using the web-based StoreFront or NetScaler Gateway.

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