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Digital workspaces are a key technology that organizations use to support remote employees and workers. Popular technology choices available include Citrix virtual apps and desktops, VMware Horizon, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Amazon WorkSpaces, and Amazon AppStream 2.0, among others.

While the choice of technology and architecting the solution can be challenging, an even bigger challenge is ensuring that digital workspaces deliver on their promise. Employees and remote workers using digital workspaces must be productive, otherwise the business investment in these technologies is at risk.

Digital Workspace monitoring challenges


There are multiple different technologies that have to function together for the digital workspace service to be performing well (a problem in any tier can manifest to the user as a slow desktop or a slow application).

Furthermore, there are different domains of control in a digital workspace deployment. Some of the tiers may even be deployed in the cloud and IT admin teams may not have full visibility into these tiers. Slow logons, session disconnects, screen freezes, etc., are some of the common complaints that users may have.

To make digital workspaces work, IT teams need to:

  • Proactively detect and fix problems to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Detect and address resource bottlenecks to enhance user experience
  • Plan in advance so that user productivity and satisfaction are enhanced

eG Enterprise for Digital Workspace monitoring

eG Enterprise is a specialized monitoring solution for popular digital workspace technologies including Citrix, VMware Horizon, Amazon Workspaces and Microsoft AVD. Use eG Enterprise to:

  • Track and optimize digital user experience
  • Get visibility into every layer and every tier of your service delivery chain
  • Get to the root-cause of performance problems in one click
  • Budget for future growth with capacity planning analysis
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Intuitive monitoring
dashboards, analytics and reports

eG Enterprise: The complete monitoring solution for any Digital Workspace

The unique characteristics of digital workspaces demand that a monitoring solution be purpose built for these technologies. Traditional system monitoring tools that focus on resources or application performance monitoring tools that focus on web applications are not adequate for monitoring digital workspaces.

Based on decades of experience working with digital workspace technologies, we have architected eG Enterprise to address the unique challenges that digital workspaces pose.

  • eG Enterprise makes user experience a center piece of its monitoring strategy. A combination of real user and synthetic monitoring provides 360° visibility into digital user experience.
  • eG Enterprise embeds domain expertise in digital workspace technologies acquired from working with thousands of clients. Deploy eG Enterprise in minutes and collect KPIs immediately.
  • A patented root-cause diagnosis engine makes troubleshooting simple. Color-coded topology views make it simple to identify where the real problems lie.
  • Empirical reports and analytics help architects take informed decisions: Get guidance for capacity planning, optimization and right-sizing your digital workspace deployment.

Monitor any Digital Workspace
from one console

Key capabilities for Digital Workspace monitoring

Deployable on-premises or as SaaS, eG Enterprise offers organizations great flexibility. Our licensing is not specific to any digital workspace technology and we can support one or more digital workspace technologies from the same console. Get consistent dashboards, reports, and alerts for any type of digital workspace.

Citrix Virtual Apps / Desktops and Citrix Cloud VMware Horizon VDI and RDSH Amazon WorkSpaces and AWS Appstream 2.0 Microsoft RDS Azure Virtual Desktop
Auto discovery
Synthetic monitoring
Monitoring digital workspace protocols

PCoIP and Blast


Remote Fx

Remote Fx
Monitoring session activities, active/idle times
Monitoring application launches and resource usage
Monitoring URLs accessed through browsers
Monitoring connection brokering performance
Tracking health of supporting infrastructure and services
Correlated topology views
Ability to search by user and troubleshoot
Customized reports that digital workspace administrators need

Key capabilities for Digital Workspace monitoring

  • Troubleshoot "it's slow" complaints
  • Looking for compliance reporting? Know who logged in, when, how long, what applications, etc.
  • Planning to increase your digital workspace deployment. Learn where your bottlenecks are and invest wisely.
  • Need a performance audit of your digital workspace deployment? Leverage our service provider-friendly licensing model.
  • Benchmark user experience. Provide management reports to highlight the utility of digital workspaces.
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