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eG Enterprise Cloud is a fully-hosted web-based IT monitoring service that provides IT teams with the simplicity and power of their applications and IT infrastructures from the cloud. From a single pane of glass, monitor any application, any server, anywhere.

Hosted on the cloud, it is easy to get started with eG Enterprise Cloud: You do not worry about deploying, maintaining and upgrading a monitoring system. Just sign up for the eG Enterprise Cloud service and experience power of cutting-edge performance monitoring from the cloud for all your business-critical applications and IT infrastructure.

Fully SaaS-based IT monitoring is downloadable and delivers IT monitoring from the cloud.

Why choose
eG Enterprise Cloud

Find out why organizations around the world user eG Enterprise Cloud for monitoring the health, availability, performance, their business-critical applications and IT infrastructures.

  • No upfront cost
  • Pay as you go on-demand service
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Secure and reliable framework
  • Access from anywhere via web and mobile
  • Easily scalable for any size environment
  • Excellent support round the clock
  • Extremely affordable subscription license

eG Enterprise cloud – service details

Capability Details
Hosting platform
  • AWS is our cloud platform of choice. Microsoft Azure can be supported if required.
  • As an AWS partner, we have access to premium AWS support for fast resolution of problems.
  • The service is hosted in a nearby data center in each region. Current regions supported include USA, Germany, Singapore, Australia.
  • We offer both multi-tenant and dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is recommended when security is the main requirement.
  • Multi-tenant hosting is more cost-effective and ideal for small and medium customers.
  • Our hosting service scales to large environments. We provide monitoring as a SaaS service for large clients with tens of thousands of users, several thousand servers and 10+ TB in database size.
Compliance and Audits
  • Our SaaS service is validated by AWS as being AWS Well-Architected.
  • Personal data is not collected by this service.
  • A+ security rating from SSL Labs.
  • Vulnerability scans run monthly. System and OWASP best practices checked during scans.
  • System protected by firewall.
  • Systems are configured with antivirus and End-point security tools.
  • Access on the systems limited to necessary TCP ports only.
  • Separate VPCs configured for clients.
  • No direct access to the systems to clients or internal staff. Limited access to admin team using VPN.
  • Third party audits conducted every 6 months.
  • In a dedicated hosting model, the data collected during monitoring is purged upon service termination.
  • In a multi-tenant hosting model, data of one tenant is not accessible to any other tenants.
Data Storage & Backups
  • Database backend is Microsoft SQL. AWS RDS is preferred for high availability and great performance.
  • Data and configuration are backed up periodically. Data backups for 1 week are retained. 3 daily configuration backups and 4 weekly backups are maintained.
  • Less than 3 hr restoration time in the case of complete failure.
  • Disaster recovery provided within AWS availability zone.
  • 99% availability guarantee.
  • High Availability option across AWS regions can be provisioned based on customer needs.
Support Model
  • Follow the sun support model with support teams in USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, India, Peru.
  • Proactive 24x7 monitoring of application availability and performance.
  • In-depth insights and reports on SaaS platform performance provided on-request.
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By using eG Enterprise we have less chance for disruptions. We can monitor the server load and optimize usage of the servers. And we now spend less time on problem analysis. As far as I am concerned, eG Enterprise is highly recommended for every organization with a large-scale server environment where IT is business-critical.

Hans Aalbers ICT Director, Dura Vermeer

Key capabilities

How eG Enterprise cloud works

  • Provides 100% web-based architecture for IT performance monitoring and reporting
  • Supports agent/agentless monitoring of applications and IT infrastructure components
  • Light-weight monitors communicate securely with a cloud-hosted management server and present actionable insights on an intuitive web console
  • Start monitoring in minutes: receive email alerts and performance reports
  • Auto-baselining and correlative intelligence capabilities highlight problem areas in the infrastructure
Cloud-based monitoring provides a simplified architecture for IT performance monitoring

Elevated security, reliable architecture

All the communications between the eG Agents and the eG Enterprise Cloud Manager use HTTPS over port 443. Communications are initiated only by the agents. Hence, the agents do not listen on any TCP ports, thereby minimizing the security risk to the systems being monitored.

The use of HTTPS and one-way connection initiation from the Agents to the Manager means that eG Enterprise Cloud can function without requiring to make any changes in your corporate firewall.

All performance monitoring data is stored securely in the cloud. Role-based access control to the cloud-hosted Manager helps restricts administration rights based on different levels of users.

Elevated security and reliable architecture provide secure access and data storage for eG Enterprise SaaS-based monitoring

Single monitor for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments

  • Unified monitoring of applications, servers, databases, network devices, virtualization platforms, storage, VDI from a single pane of glass
  • Monitor over 180 enterprise applications and IT components out of the box
  • Discover application dependencies with underlying infrastructure, and automatically diagnose root cause of performance issues
  • Monitor on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructures across physical, virtual, and container platforms
  • Easily extend monitoring to any custom application or device

Going beyond IT performance monitoring

eG Enterprise Cloud's built-in functionality goes beyond performance monitoring, helping IT teams assess infrastructure readiness for new projects, improving operational efficiency, streamlining IT initiatives, and planning for capacity expansion.

  • Leverage domain expertise and reports for performance assessment
  • Forecast when you will run out of capacity
  • Track configuration changes and understand their performance impact.
  • Troubleshoot faster with built-in remedial control actions
  • Add your own scripts and extend the power of monitoring and automation to do what you want, how you want
Centralized monitoring from eG Enterprise Cloud provides 24x7 monitoring of business-critical applications and infrastructure.

Make costs more predictable

With eG Enterprise Cloud, you can scale your monitoring needs on demand without additional need for hardware. Avoid capital expenditure with a flexible subscription-based licensing model and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). No need for on-premises installation, maintenance and management overhead. Benefit from increased ROI that eG Enterprise Cloud offers through improved IT efficiency, faster problem resolution, and infrastructure optimization.

eG Enterprise Cloud provides SaaS-based IT monitoring that is scalable and delivers significant ROI

When to use
eG Enterprise cloud

  • To provide 24x7 monitoring of your business-critical application infrastructure, track user experience problems proactively
  • To troubleshoot application performance issues quickly: Be the first to know when your apps are slow and why
  • If you are moving applications to the cloud, deploy eG Enterprise Cloud to benchmark performance before and after the move
  • If you are upgrading to a latest application version, baseline KPIs before the upgrade to compare after the upgrade
  • If you are deploying new IT projects, ensure that you have monitoring and diagnosis in place to safeguard your investment

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  • Suitable for monitoring applications, digital workspaces and IT infrastructures
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