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Fragmented Monitoring Tools Pose Challenges

As IT infrastructures evolve in scale and complexity, it is no longer sufficient to use a silo-based approach for monitoring, in which each technology tier is monitored independently by a different tool. Managing multiple consoles, sifting through dozens of false positives, and manually comparing metrics from different sources makes IT infrastructure monitoring complex, time-consuming and ineffective.

To deliver the service quality and reliability that businesses expect, IT teams need unified visibility and actionable insight to diagnose performance issues across the entire IT environment—both physical and virtual; both on-premises and cloud.

Unified Monitoring Challenges

eG Enterprise: Unified Monitoring of
On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid IT Environments

Unified Monitoring Solution and Tool from eG Innovations

eG Enterprise offers unified performance monitoring, diagnosis and reporting for today's IT infrastructures. Its universal monitoring technology provides visibility into every layer of every tier of an infrastructure—from hardware to applications, desktops to storage, virtualization to databases—all from a single pane of glass.

eG Enterprise provides the deep diagnostics and actionable insight needed to troubleshoot issues, right-size the infrastructure and plan for future growth. It auto-correlates performance metrics across all infrastructure elements and identifies the root cause of performance issues in seconds.

With eG Enterprise, we can now quickly identify root causes of incidents, resolving them before users are impacted. Automatic prioritization and categorization of alerts helps us better focus on the important issues and prioritize our resources accordingly.

Andrew GowlettSenior Consultant, C5 Alliance


Single-Pane-of-Glass Performance Visibility

By providing cross-domain and cross-tier visibility to administrators, eG Enterprise eliminates disagreements and blame between IT infrastructure departments: A virtualization admin does not need to check with the storage admin if there is any slow LUN. The application architect need not ask the network admin if there is a connectivity issue. All performance information is at hand, at all times.

  • Intuitive layer model dashboards for every infrastructure tier makes it simple for administrators to demarcate where problems lie
  • End-to-end view of the infrastructure through intuitive topology maps, and proactive alerts indicating the root cause of performance bottlenecks
  • Role-based access control delivers different views of the monitored infrastructure to different stakeholders in an organization
  • Custom views and dashboards can also be provided to the helpdesk, so domain experts need not be involved for every trouble call

Unparalleled Deployment Flexibility with Universal Monitoring Technology

eG Enterprise lets you choose how you want to monitor your IT environment:

  • Use the eG universal agent to monitor over 180 different applications, 20+ storage devices, 10+ operating systems, and 10+ virtualizations platforms, out of the box.
  • Both agent-based and agentless monitoring are supported, depending on the technology and monitoring requirements

Administrators can easily choose which servers/devices are to be monitored agentless and which are to be monitored using agents. Licensing is not based on cores, sockets or by application, eliminating the often complex task of managing monitoring licenses.

Intelligent Alerts and Self-Learning Baseline Thresholds Enable Proactive Monitoring

eG Enterprise helps you to proactively monitor, accurately detect, and quickly resolve performance issues before users notice. Metrics drive the system's baselines automatically, based on time of day and day of month variations, so administrators do not need to manually set thousands of thresholds:

  • Baselines are set automatically; and deviations trigger alerts so that administrators are informed pre-emptively before problems escalate and impact user experience
  • Built-in correlation rules and intelligent alerts ensure that IT teams are proactively alerted to performance issues, configuration changes, and abnormal usage and activity trends
  • Open incidents can be automatically triggered in IT service management tools such as ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and JIRA, to ensure timely action

Optimization & Right-Sizing with Unified IT Infrastructure Management

With eG Enterprise, you no longer need to add hardware to solve every performance problem. Customizable reports based on empirical data highlight opportunities to right-size the infrastructure and optimize resource utilization:

  • Determine where and when resources need to be added to allow the infrastructure to scale to support additional users and services
  • Predict usage and performance trends for proactive capacity planning
  • Leverage a wealth of built-in reports for historical performance analysis, auditing and management reporting

Key Capabilities

Reach across all tiers

Reach across all tiers: eG Enterprise provides unparalleled reach of monitoring with support for 180+ common enterprise applications, 10+ virtualization platforms, 20+ storage devices and 10+ operating systems. Modern infrastructures supported include hyper-converged platforms, Citrix and desktop virtualization, public cloud, and more. View all supported technologies »

Depth throughout each tier

Depth throughout each tier: Built-in domain expertise allows eG Enterprise to provide automatic detailed diagnosis for common problems, minimizing the expertise required for successful troubleshooting and monitoring.

Speed of diagnosis

Speed of diagnosis: With eG Enterprise, even the toughest IT performance challenges can be solved in minutes. Automatic baselining, coupled with root cause diagnosis and correlation, enables system alerts to be truly proactive and actionable.

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