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eG Enterprise is an end-to-end APM solution that monitors your application's performance and the supporting infrastructure in context and in a single pane of glass, so you can quickly diagnose the root cause of performance problems wherever they occur.

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Monitor the Performance of Your Cloud, SaaS, and Enterprise Applications

In today's age of digital transformation and cloud-driven application deployments, delivering excellent digital experience for end-user experience is the primary focus for organizations. Simply tracking application up/down status and basic CPU and memory utilization metrics is no longer sufficient.

A cohesive application performance monitoring (APM) strategy that focuses on customers’ digital experience, business transactions, application dependencies and infrastructure performance is key to achieving application performance success.

eG Enterprise for
Application Performance Monitoring

eG Enterprise is a converged application and infrastructure monitoring solution that answers the toughest IT problem of today: "Why is my application slow?". With eG Enterprise, you can:

  • Optimize digital user experience
  • Deliver superior application performance
  • Ensure fast and continuous production rollouts
  • Improve business productivity and IT operational efficiency
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Full Stack Application Monitoring
with eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise is an end-to-end performance management solution that allows enterprises to detect,
diagnose, and resolve application performance issues before end-users are affected.

Delivers deep performance visibility from application code to bare metal – across cloud, virtualized, containerized, physical, and hybrid IT infrastructures
Ensures proactive detection and resolution of application slowdowns using built-in artificial intelligence, machine learning and root cause analysis
Provides a unified console to monitor user experience, application and infrastructure performance, reducing disagreements and blame among application owners, IT Ops, DevOps, and developers

eG Enterprise is aligned with Gartner's functional dimensions of APM platforms:

  • Automated discovery and mapping of applications and infrastructure
  • Observation of an application's complete HTTP/S transactional behavior
  • Monitoring of applications running on mobile and browser
  • Identify root causes of application performance problems

With eG Enterprise, we can now quickly identify root causes of incidents, resolving them before users are impacted. Automatic prioritization and categorization of alerts helps us better focus on the important issues and prioritize our resources accordingly.

Andrew GowlettSenior Consultant, C5 Alliance

Converged Application and Infrastructure Monitoring
Gives You Complete Visibility

Problems in your application can happen anywhere in your technology stack. eG Enterprise gives you a single-pane-of-glass that
gets you to the root-cause of the problem in three clicks no matter where it occurs.

Application Topology Discovery & Visualization

  • Automatically discover the entire application environment and supporting infrastructure
  • Visualize the application topology and all dependencies to physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures
  • Auto-correlate application performance data with other infrastructure tiers to accurately pinpoint the root cause

Considering application-to-application mappings, application-to-VM relationships, and application-to-network dependencies, eG Enterprise differentiates the root cause of a problem from its effects.

Unique among application monitoring tools, this unified monitoring capability helps administrators identify and resolve the exact cause of an application slowdown: Is it the application code, operating system, server hardware, database, network, virtualization, or storage?

User-Defined Transaction Profiling & Application Code-Level Visibility

  • Visually map the entire Java and .NET application run-time architecture and inter-dependencies across all tiers
  • Monitor availability, response time and errors for each transaction, hop-by-hop, across multi-tiered application servers
  • In a single click, drill down to identify application code-level issue, slow database queries and remote web service calls

eG Enterprise uses a tag-and-follow approach and automatically traces user access from web browsers or native mobile applications to the application servers, and pinpoints the server-side component responsible for slow business transactions.

Digital User Experience Monitoring for Mobile and Desktop Browsers

eG Enterprise includes real user monitoring (RUM) to agentlessly monitor how users interact with websites and web applications in real time:

  • Identify times when user experience is poor
  • Detect specific web URLs and web pages that are slow
  • Identify the geographical locations that are affected
  • Diagnose slow transactions and find out if it is due to the client browser, network connectivity, content or server-side processing

eG Enterprise's synthetic transaction monitoring capabilities complement RUM. Administrators can simulate and test user transactions 24x7, and detect issues before end-users encounter them.

  • Discover issues with transactions and website paths not taken by real users
  • Measure response time for specific transactions and establish baselines

The combination of both RUM and synthetic monitoring provides the complete set of metrics and KPIs required to monitor the digital experience of end-users as they interact with enterprise applications and services.

Deep-Dive Performance Diagnostics

  • With a single click, eG Enterprise enables administrators to drill down into any application or infrastructure tier to monitor availability, health, performance and usage.
  • Through intuitive dashboards, performance metrics are visually mapped to a hierarchical layer model which is custom-built for each tier.
  • Alerts are correlated across the layers, so administrators can easily pinpoint which layer is causing a problem.
  • The metrics are auto-baselined, and any deviations from the norm are promptly notified

Application Analytics & Reporting

  • Executive reports provide high-level overviews of performance
  • Operations reports provide IT administrators with detailed drilldowns
  • Historical reports help assess performance before and after migration and production rollouts
  • Capacity planning and forecasting reports provide actionable data to optimize and right-size the infrastructure
  • Comparison reports highlight differences in workloads processed by different servers, thereby indicating potential opportunities for load balancing and performance optimization

eG Enterprise provides actionable insights using proactive alerts, self-learning baseline thresholds, and built-in correlative intelligence. Leverage out-of-the-box and custom reports for streamlined historical application performance trending, operational analytics, and infrastructure capacity planning.

Integrate with Service Management Tools

  • Integration with service desk and trouble ticketing tools for closed-loop incident management
  • Integration with orchestration tools for automated deployment
  • Integration with DevOps tool chains

eG Enterprise provides actionable insights using proactive alerts, self-learning baseline thresholds, and built-in correlative intelligence. Leverage out-of-the-box and custom reports for streamlined historical application performance trending, operational analytics, and infrastructure capacity planning.

Why eG Enterprise?

Customers choose eG Enterprise because it offers an end-to-end IT monitoring solution that pinpoints the
root cause of digital experience problems and prevents them from chasing the symptoms of the problem.

eG Enterprise provides code-level visibility with major programming languages and frameworks

Monitoring Heterogeneous and Hybrid IT Environments

Supported by eG Enterprise

  • 01. 200+ Applications
  • 02. Public cloud environments
  • 03. Virtualization platforms
  • 04. Operating systems
  • 05. Storage devices
  • 06. Network devices
  • 07. Custom applications
  • 08. Containers

Why choose eG Enterprise for APM?

Unify your IT infrastructure and application monitoring in a single pane of glass

Be the first to know when the user experience of web applications is affected, when, where, and how
Enhance application uptime, and be proactively alerted to performance deviations
Boost customer satisfaction by ensuring rich user experience for web applications
Increase ROI and productivity by ensuring peak performance of applications on-premises and in the cloud
Accelerate troubleshooting of issues, using deep diagnostics and actionable insights
Provide metrics, analysis and reports for a broad range of stakeholders: Management, business owners, IT operations, architects, developers, and helpdesk
eG Enterprise is the only single pane-of-glass, virtualization-aware, auto-diagnostic IT infrastructure performance monitor
Gain actionable answers to performance issues, wherever they originate, from application code to bare metal
Understand the impact of infrastructure issues on application performance and user experience
Unify IT performance monitoring, alerting, diagnosing, reporting, and capacity planning in a single console
Ensure a great user experience and dramatically improve IT efficiency
Benefit from flexible deployment options (on-premises and SaaS) and IT monitoring approaches (agentless and agent-based)
20 years of delivering exceptional monitoring capabilities to IT teams and enterprises
End-to-end monitoring gets you to the root-cause of problems faster in application or infrastructure tiers
Dedicated support team in every region to provide quick support at any time of the day

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
about Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

APM is the ability to monitor applications in-depth, in order to determine how well they are performing and to be able to discover and troubleshoot application bottlenecks.

Code-level issues are a key focus of APM solutions, but they are not the only focus. For instance, bottlenecks in the Java virtual machine (JVM) configuration can affect an application's performance and hence, monitoring for JVM issues is also included in the scope of APM solutions.

No, a standard technique for obtaining application code insights is using byte-code instrumentation. Byte code is injected into a Java JVM or .NET CLR and this functions in a manner that is transparent to the application. The injected code captures all application method calls, database queries, extrernal web accesses and so on and can produce transaction flow graphs that highlight where most of the time is spent during processing of a request.

No, there are a new breed of converged application and infrastructure monitoring tools like eG Enterprise that provide deep application level insights and broad infrastructure monitoring support.

Most APM solutions support the common programming platforms in use. eG Enterprise supports Java, Microsoft .NET and .NET Core, PHP and Node.js.

An APM solution must include different ways of monitoring user experience. Typically, this is a combination of synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring.

It must support monitoring of the application engine - Java JVM or .NET CLR, etc. It must also provide insights into the performance of the web container/application server hosting the application (e.g., Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, etc.), and it must include distributed transaction tracing capabilities for code level diagnosis. These are the minimum expectations of an APM tool.

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