Understanding Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and What They Do

Multiple research has claimed that it is an excellent time to be a managed service provider. Demand for managed services is scaling considerably, and with the rise in the remote workforce due to the pandemic, the service providers prepared to meet these needs are leveraging it quite significantly. However, not many know that a study on MSPs can be exhaustive as the advent & adoption of new technologies have paved the way to a diverse MSP ecosystem. The blog post is a detailed perspective about Managed Service Providers(MSP), their types & functions, tools used etc. Today, hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP) fills the gaps in most IT departments while helping the IT teams be up-to-date and ready to face any challenges thrown their way.

Monitoring AWS Cloud

It is incumbent on cloud ops teams to choose the correct type of AWS EC2 instance relative to the underlying application. The wrong choice could adversely impact business and user experience. This blog post walks through a customer case study where the instance choice impacted their business. It is important for Application and Ops (AppOps) teams to collaborate closely in understanding the workload characteristics and performance expectations while also keeping cloud cost implications in mind. Setting the right alarms and taking corrective actions is also key for AppOps teams to deliver successful applications on the cloud.

eG Innovations at DataCon LA

On 17th September, eG Innovations will be presenting at Data Con LA. The event brings together data scientists, programmers and IT operations to talk about how data and AI can transform businesses.

Infrastructure as Code – IAC for Azure

Infrastructure as code and automating deployment and scale-up/down in Azure is becoming the new normal. Today’s blog is just a collection of the hottest and most ubiquitous automation technologies you are likely to see in the Azure ecosystem augmenting and extending the limitations of the native functionality, plus some links to the best bloggers, how-to-guides, and places to find information.

Improving Web Page Load Time

Using standard protocols, such as HTTP is a key tenet of eG agent-to-manager communication architecture. The use of HTTP/2 is supported within eG Enterprise and has proven to be of benefit in our internal testing processes. This blog post covers: How to configure eG Enterprise to use HTTP/2, How we compared the performance of HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/1.1, The performance enhancements we found in first time loading speeds of web pages (up to 30% speed up on an average) Useful links to everything you could ever want to know about HTTP/2

Deployment Choices for eG Enterprise

Find out about the deployment models available for eG Enterprise: SaaS/Cloud or on-premises, and how you can ensure data localization to comply to regulatory frameworks. Plus information for MSPs on how to deploy eG Enterprise to support multiple tenants and ensure tenant segregation.

A System Administrator’s Journey through multiple IT transformations

July 30 was SysAdminDay 2021. eG Innovations appreciates what our network admins and sys admins do for us daily. On the special day, we had a candid conversation with Karthik G., Team Lead - Network at eG Innovations, wherein he answered a few funny and quirky questions for us. Hope you enjoy reading the conversation as much as we loved having it! Here’s a sneak peek into the world of a sys admin through his eyes and ears…

Monitoring the Citrix Delivery Controllers

A quick overview of troubleshooting and monitoring Citrix Delivery Controllers. Delivery Controller issues are often the root cause of failed or slow logons within a Citrix environment and different types of connection failures – user connection failures, machine failures, unregistered desktops can all be tracked from the DCs.

Podcast – How eG Innovations and Citrix complement each other

The Citrix Ready team recently recorded a podcast with eG Innovations for their Tech Fusion podcast series. Hosted by Neil C. Hughes from The Tech Blog Writer, Rachel Berry from eG Innovations’ product team, and CTP, Richard Faulkner, (Enterprise Solutions Architect, Conversant Group) discussed how eG Enterprise enhances and goes beyond native Citrix tools. Here’s the full transcript of the podcast…

Monitoring SAP Services End-to-End

This is a guest blog from Chris Booth, Solution Architect at eG Innovations’ partner, KedronUK, on how they use eG Enterprise’s SAP monitoring capabilities. KedronUK specializes in delivering IT Service Management, Security Operations, and IT Operations solutions to enterprise customers, including Argos, Vodafone, and the University of Birmingham.