Evaluating Deployment Options for
Citrix Cloud

What is Citrix Cloud? I recently published an article around the Virtual Apps and Desktops service, a Citrix Cloud offering that allows customers to host backend Virtual Apps and Desktops management components in the cloud. With Citrix Cloud, while the VDAs remain in the customer’s network...


Monitoring for Citrix Digital Workspaces

The Evolution of Citrix Technologies eG Innovations has been a Citrix partner since 2003. Those were the days when Citrix’s messaging was around “access”. Thin client computing and then server-based computing were the hot topics. Discussions around the efficiency of RDP and ICA ruled...


It’s Not about Agent vs. Agentless Monitoring Anymore

Talk about performance monitoring to any system admin or IT manager and one of the first questions they will ask is whether the monitoring is agent-based or agentless. The moment you hear that question, you know that they are interested in an agentless monitoring solution. Such is the fear of...