Alibaba Cloud monitoring and observability

  • Monitor all Alibaba Cloud services and infrastructure
  • Monitor applications running on Alibaba Cloud
  • One console to monitor multiple subscriptions, clouds
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Complete visibility into Alibaba Cloud

Monitor every layer and tier of your Alibaba cloud deployments

  • Infrastructure - track and proactively monitor SSL Certificates, Alibaba Regions and Zones and Web Access availability
  • Networking - Server Load Balancers (SLB), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Cloud CDN
  • Storage – ECS Cloud storage disks
  • Alibaba Elastic Computing – ECS instances, service and resources
  • Alibaba Database Layer including ApsaraDB for RDS, ApsaraDB for Redis, ApsaraDB for MySQL, and ApsaraDB for SQL
  • Management and Monitoring Layer – track RAM
  • Billing – proactively monitor and overview service charges and account billing, instant visibility on unusual costs
  • Synthetic testing tools to allow you to proactively test the availability and performance of your applications and services on Alibaba, any third-party services you use and the availability of Alibaba itself for instant visibility on Alibaba outages.

Alibaba Cloud monitoring in minutes

  • Auto-discovery and deployment technologies
  • Out-of-the-box metric thresholds and alerts and dynamic auto-baselining removes manual alert configuration
  • AIOps powered root-cause analysis and anomaly detection – provides proactive and automatic detection of outliers and anomalies across metrics, traces, and logs
  • Simple to use GUI interfaces with no need for scripting, or API skills
  • Ready-to-go fully managed SaaS option available. Self-
  • Ready-to-go fully managed SaaS option available. Self-deployment on-prem or in a cloud of your choice also available. Multi-tenancy architecture options for service provider use cases
  • deployment on-prem or in a cloud of your choice also available. Multi-tenancy architecture options for service provider use cases
  • Enterprise support available 24x7 worldwide, dedicated support staff are located APAC, EMEA and Americas and local language support is available for many languages

Enterprise observability features for Alibaba Cloud

  • Supports the three pillars of observability – Metrics, Traces and Logs
  • Monitor from a service perspective, not as silos
  • Track the performance of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services from one console
  • Auto-baselining of metrics using machine learning to define time-varying norms
  • Root-cause diagnosis by auto-correlating infrastructure, application and user experience metrics
  • Be informed about configuration changes and correlate to performance abnormalities
  • Insights for right-sizing and capacity planning

Rich visualizations and business insights

  • Live and historical reporting and simple GUI report building and customization tools
  • Rich featured dashboard builders and templates allow you to create dashboards in one-click
  • Full featured REST APIs and PowerBI integrations allow you to integrate data with other systems
  • Capacity plan based on data
  • Built-in automated auditing and configuration change tracking allow you to see who has accessed or changed systems instantly
  • Right-size resources for performance and cost optimization based on real data
  • Control data retention on your timescales and needs

A single console for all your application, cloud and infrastructure monitoring

eG Enterprise can monitor over 250+ different technology stacks, so you can:

  • Monitor Alibaba in multi-cloud deployments, compare Alibaba on cost and performance to public clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS
  • Hybrid configurations of Alibaba and any on-prem infrastructure you leverage
  • Compare and contrast the performance of different database services on-prem or in cloud
  • Monitor applications alongside infrastructure
  • Support for all common OSs and Hypervisors

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
about Alibaba Cloud monitoring

Alibaba Cloud, founded in 2009, is a global leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Alibaba Cloud offers a full range of secure and reliable cloud products and services for databases, networking, security, analytics & big data, domains & website management, application services, media services, middleware, and more.

CloudMonitor is Alibaba Cloud's built-in monitoring service that provides real-time monitoring and alerts for various cloud resources such as ECS instances, RDS instances, and SLB instances.

Information on CloudMonitor is available, here: CloudMonitor: Real Time Monitoring of Web Resources & Applications - Alibaba Cloud.

CloudMonitor is native to Alibaba Cloud and as such is inaccessible during Alibaba Cloud outages. For those delivering services run on Alibaba Cloud and handling end-user complaints the insights eG Enteprise can give on outages and services is very valuable.

Metric thresholds and alerts are configured out-of-the-box with dynamic baselining when using eG Enterprise. Removing the time and effort need to configure and maintain alerts in CloudMonitor.

eG Enterprise supports over 250+ technology stacks other than Alibaba Cloud whereas CloudMonitor is native to just Alibaba Cloud. This means you can use eG Enterprise to monitor and manage moving services onto and off Alibaba Cloud to assess the benefits of migration, monitor any other cloud or on-prem infrastructure you use in a single console.

CloudMonitor does not include synthetic testing and simulation tools.

Yes. Popular choices include:

  • Grafana: An open-source platform for data visualization and monitoring, Grafana can be used to monitor Alibaba Cloud resources by integrating with CloudMonitor and other data sources.
  • Zabbix: A popular open-source monitoring solution, Zabbix can be used to monitor Alibaba Cloud resources by installing Zabbix agent on your Alibaba Cloud instances.
  • Nagios: Another popular open-source monitoring solution, Nagios can be used to monitor Alibaba Cloud resources by installing NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) on your Alibaba Cloud instances.

More information on these tools and the pros and cons of Open-Source tools are given in the article, Top Freeware and Open-source IT Monitoring Tools | eG Innovations.

eG Enterprise supports agentless monitoring of the Alibaba cloud.

A single remote agent, deployed on a Windows host, makes REST API requests to the Alibaba cloud to pull a wealth of information related to the composition and performance of a configured cloud account.

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