eG Enterprise IT Monitoring Pricing

It's simple, competitive, and doesn't contain expensive add-ons.

There's no one size fits all when it comes to IT. Your infrastructure and applications are unique. That's why we don't shoe horn you into a package that might charge you for the things you don't need.

Pricing is based on the deployment model:

  • SaaS/Cloud - Starts at $125/month
  • Subscription - Starts at $100/ month
  • Perpetual - minimum configuration starts at $10,000

Licenses required for APM, unified monitoring, or enterprise application monitoring are based on the number of operating systems, storage devices and hypervisors you need to monitor.

For digital workspaces, licensing can also be based on users accessing your workspace (named or concurrent).

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No hidden costs.
Predictable pricing.

In addition, everything you expect from an IT performance monitoring tool comes as standard. There's no hidden costs and no complicated calculators to figure out what your monthly bill might be. All customers get the following as standard:

  • Over 200+ technologies supported
  • Monitor anything - cloud, network, systems, applications, virtualization, storage etc.
  • Integration into dozens of third party applications
  • Real-time alerts across devices
  • Historical data retention for cloud-based deployments
  • Unlimited historical data retention for on-premises deployments
  • Advanced reporting console with slice and dice analytics

The following options are also available:

  • Synthetic user monitoring
  • Configuration and change tracking
  • Custom monitoring solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

eG Enterprise is the name of the product created by eG Innovations.

eG Enterprise is formed from two components: the eG Manager and the eG Universal Monitor.

The eG Manager is the web-based console (aka the dashboard) where you manage the deployment, see the monitoring metrics and produce your reports.

The eG Universal Monitor is the small application (agent) installed on your servers to gather all the data from your infrastructure and applications. Agentless monitoring is also available.

eG Enterprise supports agent and agentless monitoring. We recommend agentless monitoring for network devices, storage platforms, virtualization platforms, cloud accounts, etc. Agent-based monitoring is recommended for monitoring legacy operating systems like Windows, Linux and Unix and the applications running on them.

The eG Manager is installed on a virtual machine and requires an SQL or Oracle database to store the data.

Synthetic monitoring works from an external perspective. Hence, no agents need to be installed on the servers hosting your key applications. You need to dedicate a VM or desktop where the synthetic monitoring will be executed from. Synthetic monitoring using protocol emulation and logon simulation do not require any recording. With full session simulation, you can simulate multiple user interactions using client applications (e.g., user logging in, filling a form, going through an eCommerce checkout process, etc.). This process involves a recording step followed by periodic playback of the recorded script to measure application availability and responsiveness.

For on-premises deployments of the eG Manager, historical data can be retained forever as long as the clients' SQL or Oracle database has enough storage capacity. For SaaS deployments, historical data is retained at different granularities, ranging from 42 days for raw data to 1 year for trends.

No. eG Enterprise is licensed on either a per user basis, or number of operating systems, storage devices or hypervisors to be monitored. It depends on your monitoring requirements.

Built on a multi-tier architecture used widely for web applications, eG Enterprise can be deployed by small businesses with tens of servers as well as large enterprises with several thousand servers.

Our largest deployments collect millions of metrics across tens of thousands of user sessions and several thousand servers. eG Enterprise also supports a configuration of multiple managers reporting to a SuperManager for further scaling.

No. eG Enterprise is priced per operating system, on which the JVMs are running. If your operating system has three JVMs running on it, then you are charged for the single operating system. This makes eG Enterprise a more cost effective APM solution than many other options.

Each vendor’s products have different capabilities. First, make sure you are making an apple to apple comparison – i.e., are the two products you are evaluating having the exact same functionalities. If you are not interested in certain eG Enterprise features, discuss with your account team about how to configure your solution to best meet your needs.

Second, different solutions may license differently. For example, one solution may license by sessions, another by users. This way, if one user has multiple sessions on your server, the first solution may charge you additionally for each session. Finally, because eG Enterprise supports so many different technologies, your pricing may include in-depth monitoring for each technology you are using. Other solutions may not have the same capabilities and hence, may not be cheaper.

Customers who choose our perpetual licensing option can pay a small annual maintenance fee to receive product upgrades and on-going technical support. Customers on our subscription licensing will get access to the latest version of the product and technical support for the duration of their subscription.