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More than ever, IT applications and infrastructures are critical for any organization’s business. Whether the application is deployed on-premises or in the cloud, if an application is slow, the business suffers.

  • When employees are not productive because the digital tools they use are slow or unresponsive, it costs the business money.
  • Customers who can't place an order on a website because the billing system is down may go to a competitor.
  • When a medical staff can't access a patient's records because the database is slow, it impacts the quality of patient care.
  • If a logistics company can't move perishable goods because its system has frozen, this causes irreparable damage to its reputation.

Our mission and the reason we do what we do at eG Innovations is to ensure that IT applications and infrastructures deliver the performance that is expected of them, so organizations can focus on their core business.

Our products are used by IT operations, IT architects, SREs, SMEs, DevOps personnel and developers to ensure that users get the best possible digital experience. When performance problems happen, our patented root-cause diagnosis engine helps answer the toughest IT question of today, which is “why is the application slow?”.

By proactively detecting issues and quickly troubleshooting them, our solutions ensure service uptime and performance remains high. At the same time, our solutions provide guidance and recommendations that allow organizations to do more with their existing IT investments, so they can get the best ROI from IT.

  • 2001eG Innovations was founded
  • 12Local offices providing support in your region
  • 11Local languages spoken to provide seamless support
  • 200+
    Technologies supported

eG Innovations has always been a visionary in
IT performance monitoring

  • Automatic discovery and dependency mapping

  • Automatically baselining metrics with machine learning to dynamically change thresholds

  • Automatic root-cause analysis to pinpoint what's gone wrong and where

  • Automated alerts integrated into your ITSM tools

Executive Leadership

Dr. Srinivas Ramanathan

Dr. Srinivas RamanathanCEO & Co-founder

Dr. Srinivas Ramanathan

Bala Murugan VaidhinathanChief Technology Officer

Dr. Srinivas Ramanathan

Anand SampathChief Financial Officer

Dr. Srinivas Ramanathan

Tom HreskoVice President - Sales

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eG Innovations works with some of the largest global brands in the world, in both the B2B and B2C spaces.

The IT teams at these organizations are responsible for the end user experience of millions of users.

Figuring out where the root-cause of performance problems lies is not easy in massive, complex, hybrid-cloud environments, but IT teams are relying on eG Enterprise to rise to the challenge to help them find it.

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A brief history of
eG Innovations

Whether it's resource usage, DevOps, APM, AIOps or NoOps, the buzzwords have changed but eG Innovations' commitment to helping IT teams solve performance problems has remained the same.

eG Innovations began life as eGurkha. A Gurkha is a highly trained Nepalese solider recruited by foreign countries. For Dr. Srinivas Ramanathan, a retired Gurkha used to guard the apartment where he lived. This inspired the name of the company, a guard to monitor and look after your IT infrastructure.

  1. 2001

    eG Innovations was Founded

  2. 2003

    eG Innovations
    becomes one of the first companies to be able to monitor Citrix

  3. 2004

    its first office in Singapore

  4. 2005

    Version 2 of
    eG Enterprise launched

  5. 2006

    Version 3 of
    eG Enterprise launched

  6. 2008

    Version 4 of eG Enterprise launched adding support for virtualization platforms

  7. 2011

    Version 5 of
    eG Enterprise launched

  8. 2014

    Version 6 of
    eG Enterprise launched

  9. 2014

    eG Enterprise SaaS launched

  10. 2016

    APM capabilities added with real-user monitoring and transaction tracing

  11. 2018

    Version 7 of
    eG Enterprise launched

  12. 2019

    Support for containers added

  13. 2020

    Over 200 technologies supported

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