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Get end-to-end visibility into your Azure virtual machines, hosted applications and cloud infrastructure to help you pin-point the root cause of performance problems impacting the end-user experience.

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eG Enterprise is a total performance monitoring solution for the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Whether you have production applications running in Azure cloud, or are in the process of migrating applications to the cloud, eG Enterprise gives you the visibility you need to ensure top performance, availability and excellent user experience.

Providing unified monitoring of cloud, on-premises and hybrid IT infrastructures, eG Enterprise delivers deep performance insights, availability metrics, resource utilization trends and historical analytics to diagnose and resolve all performance issues that can impact your business services.

eG Enterprise delivers end-to-end Microsoft Azure monitoring:

  • Get correlated visibility of Azure VMs, hosted applications, and the cloud infrastructure
  • Auto-baseline your Azure environment and get alerted to performance deviations
  • Monitor your customers' digital experience as they access your cloud applications
  • Using built-in analytics and reports, prepare for a smooth migration to Azure
  • Integrate with your existing IT management ecosystem such as Microsoft SCOM, ServiceNow, and more
Azure Performance Monitoring with eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise for Azure monitoring

eG Enterprise provides you peace of mind when deploying key business applications in the cloud and in the Azure eco-system:

  • Monitor Azure VM resource usage to determine which VMs are consuming the most resources
  • Measure the performance of applications running on Azure and trace business transactions
  • Performance problems are correlated between IT infrastructure and applications to find the root-cause and not the secondary problems that ripple out from it
  • Resource utilization trends and historical analytics help forecast future capacity requirements
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With eG Enterprise, more than 70% of the time we can respond to an event and resolve the issue before the customer engages support. That results in about a 15 to 20% cost avoidance for us. eG Enterprise drastically improves our performance from an SLA standpoint.

John McDonald Director of Support, Allscripts


In-depth Azure performance diagnostics

eG Enterprise leverages Azure APIs to gather in-depth performance diagnostics and presents them on an intuitive web-based dashboard for performance analysis and problem resolution.

  • Track CPU, memory, disk and network utilization trends and determine when to scale resources up or down, based on demand
  • Go beyond the basic Azure Monitor and get access to deep diagnostics, including performance counters, application logs, Windows event logs
  • Monitor the health of critical Azure services such as virtual machines, cloud services, storage, SQL databases, applications, resource groups
  • Leverage pre-built reports for historical analysis, trending, forecasting and compliance

Monitoring Azure virtual machine performance

eG Enterprise provides deep visibility into the performance and resource utilization metrics of Azure VMs (Windows and Linux).

  • Monitor VM resource usage metrics and determine which VMs are consuming most resources
  • Deploy the eG Agent in Azure VMs, which delivers in-depth insights of guest OS, application and user activity inside the VM
  • Identify which application process inside a VM is responsible for maximum resource consumption
  • Utilize built-in reports for capacity planning and VM right-sizing
  • Out-of-the-box support of 500+ applications (including Citrix, SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.)

Application performance monitoring in the cloud

  • Measure performance of applications running on Azure and trace business transactions to identify slowdowns
  • Get code-level visibility of .NET and Java applications running on Azure to identify the root cause of performance issues
  • Monitor end-user's digital experience on web and mobile platforms using real user monitoring
  • Correlate application performance insights with infrastructure health metrics to identify the root cause of application problems

Smart alerting and problem detection using artificial intelligence

  • eG Enterprise uses exclusive artificial intelligence technology that automatically discovers, maps and visualizes service-level infrastructure dependencies across your entire Azure production environment
  • eG Enterprise embeds a patented root cause diagnosis technology for quick and accurate problem detection across your Azure SaaS, IaaS and PaaS environments
  • Using machine learning, eG Enterprise automatically baselines the Azure cloud infrastructure and triggers smart alerts based on dynamic baseline thresholds (time of day, day of week)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
about Azure monitoring

Azure monitoring focuses on tracking the health of all the key IT services hosted on Azure Cloud. Detection and alerting of problems, root-cause diagnosis, reports and analytics are also included in Azure monitoring tools.

Yes, the cloud service provider does monitor the health of the key infrastructure they use for delivering their cloud services. But problems you may face on Azure could be unique to your instance, or your database instance. The cloud service provider SLAs are only around uptime of their service, not around performance, and will not help you diagnose problems with applications you have hosted on Azure. Here’s a whitepaper on 6 myths of cloud performance monitoring that explains it further.

Azure Monitor is Azure's native monitoring tool that can monitor your applications hosted on Azure and the Azure infrastructure. Azure Monitor can be to get useful dashboards and reports, but setting up the monitoring can be time-consuming and challenging. Manual setup is needed, and admins need to specify each metric and threshold. Furthermore, there is a cost per metric and even based on the type of threshold. This is where a third-party Azure monitoring tool like eG Enterprise helps. It is simple to setup, licensing is not per metric and you can even monitor multi-cloud deployments from a central console.

AWS CloudWatch allows you to monitor your AWS services. To monitor Azure services, you can use Azure Monitor. If you want to monitor both AWS and Azure services in a single console, then you will need a multi-cloud monitoring tool like eG Enterprise.

You can set up Azure Monitor to monitor your costs. Alternatively you can monitor Azure resource costs using a third-party monitoring tool like eG Enterprise.

You can use Azure Monitor but it requires a lot of manual configuration to setup the PaaS metrics, thresholds and alerts. Alternatively, you can use an Azure monitoring tool like eG Enterprise which monitors Azure PaaS services but requires very little manual set up.

The metrics of importance will depend on the Azure services that you are using. For Azure compute instances, it is important to track VM status, CPU utilization, IOPS, and network throughput. For Azure SQL, it is important to track Log IO usage, Data IO usage, utilization of workers and sessions and DTU used vs. limit.

CPU utilization, IOPS, throughput, etc. can be monitored using Azure APIs (i.e., agentless). However, if you need to know which application is taking CPU or causing disk IOPS, you will need an agent to be deployed on the Azure instance. Furthermore, Azure APIs do not provide any memory utilization metrics. An agent on the Azure instance can provide an indication of memory utilization (this metric can help you understand if you have sized your VM correctly). Agents are also required if you need to monitor applications running on the Azure instances.

The best Azure monitoring tool is one that best meets your requirements. If your entire technology stack is on Azure and you have the time and resources to manually configure thresholds and alerts, then Azure Monitor is a good option. If you have a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment, or you want to minimize configuration and cost of the monitoring tool, then a third-party monitoring tool like eG Enterprise is preferred.

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