Deliver great user experiences
Shift focus from resources to user satisfaction

Support any on-premises or cloud-hosted application Ensure fast response and throughput
Rapid and accurate diagnosis of the problem Proactive alerts Smart analytics for optimization

Trusted by thousands of companies from over 50 countries

eG Enterprise
Converged application and infrastructure monitoring from a single pane of glass

For modern and legacy applications, digital workspaces, cloud deployments, and more

  • Real user monitoring

    See what your end user sees and uncover performance bottlenecks that impact their experience

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  • Synthetic user monitoring

    Simulate user actions so you know about performance problems before end users complain

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  • Application performance monitoring

    Use transaction tracing to drill down to the code level to find the root cause of performance issues impacting each user experience

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  • Cloud monitoring

    Monitor and optimize your public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures for maximum performance

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  • Digital workspace monitoring

    Use transaction tracing to drill down to the root cause of performance issues impacting each user experience

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Flexible deployment options for hybrid-IT

Run eG Enterprise locally for on-premises servers or use our Cloud/SaaS option to access eG Enterprise from anywhere

Full support and automated configuration for cloud, hybrid-cloud, virtualization and on-premises deployments

Explore the platform

Hundreds of technologies supported to give you end-to-end visibility

eG Enterprise supports all the major technologies you use for infrastructure, digital workspaces and applications.

It's a single-pane-of-glass that monitors your entire IT deployment, understands all your interdependencies and gets you to the root-cause of performance problems faster.

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Flexible integrations
for automated operations

eG Enterprise works with your preferred helpdesk and
team collaboration platforms to keep everyone on the
same page and automate alerting tasks.

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Why IT Teams Choose eG Enterprise
for end-user experience monitoring

  • REACH Across Every Tier

    One console to monitor 200+ apps, 10+ hypervisors 20+ storage devices, cloud platforms, and more

  • DEPTH Through the Stack

    Embedded domain expertise and pre-built metrics for every IT component – on-premises, cloud, hybrid

  • SPEED to Resolution

    Automated discovery, topology, monitoring, root cause diagnosis, alerts, analytics and reports

How customers are delivering exceptional end-user experiences

eG Enterprise helps the customer support team at eBay solve citrix problems for 10,000 end-users

eG Innovations is a top rated platform by experts and loved by our customers

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Powerful, affordable and easy-to-use IT monitoring software.
Available as SaaS and for on-premises deployments.

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