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A single unified solution to ensure performance and optimization for Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance services and on-premises SQL servers

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Observability however you
deploy SQL on Azure

eG Enterprise offers a comprehensive end-to-end monitoring solution for user experience and application availability and performance including the vital SQL databases that they rely on within Microsoft Azure Cloud. eG Enterprise supports domain specific monitoring for SQL database run within Azure, including:

  • SQL Server on Azure VM (IaaS)
  • Azure SQL Database (PaaS)
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance (PaaS)
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eG Enterprise includes full support to monitor SQL Server instances and databases, but beyond this also has direct support for Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance services. So beyond traditional SQL monitoring such as blocking, deadlocks, and query behaviors, eG Enterprise also includes the unique dedicated domain support for Azure SQL specific features such as alerts for and tracking of DTU usage.

eG Enterprise also supports on-premises deployments of Microsoft SQL Server, as well as all other major database technologies from other vendors and clouds within a unified, consistent and easy-to-use interface.

Monitor key database metrics, events and logs

  • Monitors the DTU usage percentage levels as well as resource usage related to CPU, Memory, and IO
  • Monitor for slowness or slowdowns of the database impacting user sessions and identify connection leaks in the database
  • Monitor all types of waits happening on the database server. Differentiate between waits due to insufficient memory and due to slow I/O activities
  • Identify slow-running queries in seconds and proactively address them before real users are affected
  • Find blocking queries and troubleshoot deadlocks
  • Track all connections to the database by state and identify connections that are waiting for other connections
  • Synthetic monitoring tools that automatically test the performance and availability of applications, databases and all their dependencies for slowdowns, slowness and success allowing KPIs to be set and SLAs measured

Out-of-the box alerting and observability
for Azure SQL

  • Auto-discovery and deployment technologies ensure monitoring scales with even the largest deployments.
  • Metric thresholds and alerts are configured out of the box to ensure proactive alerting from the moment of installation.
  • The AIOps engine within the eG Enterprise auto-baselines key metrics, learning about day-to-day, month-to-month and other seasonal patterns of usage to eliminate false positive alarm storms and provide proactive anomaly detection.
  • Automated intelligent root cause diagnosis alongside detailed diagnosis information ensures faster MTTR.
  • Continual monitoring of logs avoids the need to trawl and parse logs retrospectively and removes the effort of manual investigations and queries.
  • Out-of-the-box customizable dashboards are available for all major databases including Azure SQL options. Providing actionable insights and detailed analytics. Role-based personalized dashboards can be made available to different stake holders.
  • Live and historical reports included within the core single product.
  • Rich topology maps and geographical zone, service and segment views ensure end-to-end in-context views of Azure SQL powered services.

Monitor database indexing

Ensure optimal performance of databases and the applications depending on them. Over time, index fragmentation will cause a degradation in database performance and eventually poor application performance. eG Enterprise will automatically raise alerts if indexing issues start to occur, allowing the database administrator to rectify issues long before end users experience issues with application performance.

eG Enterprise provides detailed information of fragmented indexes and tables, as well as providing the details of unused indexes which are occupying space in the database and unnecessarily consuming resources for every update or insert into the database. eG Enterprise will also provide recommendations regarding missing indexes in the DB that would deliver better performance for application queries.

  • Track missing and unused indexes and identify ways to optimize the database for best performance
  • Monitor fragmentation level of database tables and indexes, and be proactively alerted to situations when online/offline tuning of the database is required

Observability for Azure SQL within your entire
end-to-end stack

Beyond Azure SQL, eG Enterprise monitors and correlates data from across the whole of your IT application and Infrastructure landscape:

  • Covers your Azure landscape including Azure Subscription, Backup, Storage, AVD, Azure AD and more.
  • Domain specific monitoring and reporting of over 500+ technology stacks including technologies such as Digital WorkSpaces (Citrix, VMware, Microsoft AVD, Amazon WorkSpaces, Microsoft RDSH), Web Servers (Microsoft IIS, Apache, Nginx), Load Balancers and Gateways (NetScaler, F5, Cisco) and more.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and auditing of authentication technologies including on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD, as well as other options such as Okta.

Monitor Azure SQL database performance from an application perspective

eG Enterprise application performance monitoring allows database performance to be monitored in the context of the applications using Azure SQL databases.

  • Without requiring any agents on the database servers, eG Enterprise APM traces all application accesses and reports on slow queries and exceptions during database processing.
  • When a specific web page, services or URL is slow, you don't have to spend hours figuring out what is causing the slowdown. eG Enterprise APM gives you the answers at your fingertips.
  • Eliminates finger-pointing between application development, application operations, and database admin teams by finding the root cause and not the symptoms.
  • Support for application delivery technologies including App Servers (Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss) and code level insights into common languages including Java, .NET, PHA and Node.js.

Enterprise observability within modern secure business processes

eG Enterprise is designed to seamlessly integrate with Modern IT processes and technologies. Ensure that your Azure SQL landscape is tightly integrated with transparent and traceable observability for the assurance of the whole organization.

  • Additional alerting options include SMS, email, Slack, WhatsApp, in-browser notifications and the secure eG Enterprise mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Retain Azure SQL metrics for as long as it is needed to meet compliance demands and regulations.
  • A secure platform architecture including granular Role Based Access (RBAC) control to ensure secure and restricted access to your data and built-in enterprise grade audit reporting for those needing to meet regulatory compliance requirements such as SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA and FISMA.
  • Out-of-the box reports can be scheduled to keep the entire organization updated. No need for KQL (Kusto Query Language) queries.
  • Automated root-cause diagnosis coupled with simple intuitive GUI interfaces designed for L1 / L2 help desk operators ensure that only SQL issues are escalated to database specialists and other application or infrastructure issues are routed more appropriately.
  • 24x7, follow-the-sun support enterprise options serviced by 12 regional offices worldwide supporting 8 native languages ensure you can rely on eG Innovations.

Supporting migration, change and growth

  • Real time and historical reporting on usage enable administrators to understand short term behavior and long term demands on your SQL landscape
  • Capacity plan and optimize costs based on real user monitoring
  • Test availability and verify pre-production systems with a powerful suite of full session synthetic monitoring tools
  • Set and quantify SLAs and assess success based on quantifiable KPIs
  • Flexible and transferable licensing allows you to migrate your eG Enterprise licenses alongside your SQL provision avoiding shelfware. Perfect for baselining migrations and quantifying the success of moving from on-premises options to Azure SQL
  • Future proof for change and avoid vendor lock-in with an observability platform that supports all major clouds and database technologies
  • On-premises, in-the-cloud and ready-to-go in minutes SaaS options for rapid deployment and observability

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