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How to Deliver Top-Notch Performance
of Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications like SAP, Siebel, and PeopleSoft are business critical. Slow or poor performance of these applications can result in revenue loss for businesses, unhappy users, and lost productivity.

eG Enterprise Universal Insight helps operations teams assure the performance of enterprise applications. By monitoring, analyzing, and correlating the performance of every tier that supports the application, it helps organizations proactively detect and fix issues. Empirical data helps architects optimize and right-size their applications for maximal performance and utilization.

Challenges in Business Application Monitoring

Modern enterprise applications frequently adopt multi-tier architectures to achieve scalability and performance. These architectures distribute functionalities across distinct tiers, including presentation, application logic, and data storage. While this approach offers clear benefits, it also presents complexities in business application monitoring and diagnosis.

Businesses encounter several key challenges associated with multi-tier deployments and their implications on application management.

1. Complex Business Application Monitoring:

  • Inter-Tier Dependencies: Issues in one tier (e.g. web server, application server, database) can ripple through the system, making it a challenge to identify the root cause. Administrators must analyze each tier individually, leading to time-consuming processes.
  • Distributed Logging: Log files are dispersed across different tiers, hindering a holistic view of system behaviour. Correlating logs from various tiers to pinpoint problems requires specialized tools and training, which add to the complexity.

2. Challenges with Virtualization:

  • Virtual Machine Overhead: Virtualization introduces a layer of abstraction between the applications and physical hardware, potentially causing performance bottlenecks. The VM software and hypervisor can overconsume resources, affecting application responsiveness.
  • Dynamic VM Migration: Virtual machines moving between physical hosts can lead to temporary network disruptions and performance fluctuations, complicating the isolation of performance issues and necessitating careful monitoring during migrations.

3. Expertise Gap:

  • Multi-Skilled Teams: Managing a multi-tier architecture effectively often demands teams with expertise in diverse technologies such as web servers, application frameworks (e.g J2EE), databases, and virtualization platforms. Finding and retaining professionals with such diverse skillsets can be challenging.
  • Specialized Tools: Troubleshooting issues in complex multi-tier environments may require specialized business application monitoring and diagnostic tools. These tools are essential for analyzing data across all tiers and identifying performance bottlenecks or errors effectively.

With eG Enterprise, we can now quickly identify root causes of incidents, resolving them before users are impacted. Automatic prioritization and categorization of alerts helps us better focus on the important issues and prioritize our resources accordingly.

Andrew GowlettSenior Consultant, C5 Alliance


eG Enterprise offers a suite of cutting-edge features designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive innovation. The eG Enterprise solution encompasses advanced analytics, scalable infrastructure, customizable workflows, and robust security.

Dive in and explore the possibilities as we delve deeper into each feature, explaining its benefits and demonstrating how to leverage its power effectively.

Total Performance Management for Enterprise Applications

  • In-depth monitoring of enterprise applications, such as SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, Office 365, and more.
  • Monitoring of every layer and every tier of the application infrastructure
  • Auto-baselining of metrics so that alerts are triggered if any metric deviates from the norm
  • Automatic correlation and root-cause diagnosis to allow administrators to diagnose problems with a single click
Enterprise Application Monitoring delivers deep insight into application performance

Deep Insights into Enterprise Application Performance

  • Visibility into Java virtual machine (JVM) performance: thread activity, locking, garbage collection, heap and non-heap memory usage, class loading, etc.,
  • Enterprise application performance metrics: memory buffer utilization, active users, step-by-step transaction latencies, free worker processes, jobs scheduled and executed, database connections established, application errors, etc.,
  • Cross-tier visibility including network, database, virtualization platform, and storage.

Auto-Baselines the Performance of Each Tier

  • Establish time-of-day baselines for each metric based on history
  • Multi levels of baselines for problem escalation
  • Ability for admin specified baselines
  • Proactive, multi-modal alerting via email, web, mobile, SMS, trouble tickets, etc.
  • Automatic, proactive alerting of issues
Enterprise Application Monitoring provides auto-baselines to the performance of each tier.

Identify the Root-Cause of Performance Problems with One Click

  • Represents each tier with a unique hierarchical layer model representation (supported out of the box for 500+ applications and platforms)
  • Service topology maps highlight inter-application dependencies
  • Auto-discovers hypervisor to VM, VM to application, and inter-application dependencie
  • Patented automatic correlation technology analyzes performance across tiers and identifies where the root-cause of the problem lies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
about Enterprise Application Monitoring

No. eG Enterprise features a user-friendly interface, pre-configured dashboards for common applications, and seamless integration capabilities.

eG Enterprise offers flexible pricing plans tailored to suit businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, the long-term cost savings associated with improved application performance far outweigh the initial investment.

eG Enterprise distinguishes itself by delivering a comprehensive approach to business application monitoring and management. Unlike traditional solutions that concentrate on individual components, eG Enterprise delivers end-to-end visibility across hybrid IT environments. This includes actionable insights, automated diagnosis, and predictive analytics to optimize performance, ensure uptime, and enhance the user experience.

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