Cloud Monitoring Tools for Optimal Performance: Public, Hybrid and Multi Clouds

Proactively discover your public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures, map the interdependencies between tiers and identify the root cause of performance issues before your end-users notice. eG Enterprise can be deployed as a SaaS-based or on-premises solution.

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For enterprises that are accelerating their journey to the cloud—deploying new applications, migrating services to the cloud, and using cloud infrastructures to operate their business—success in cloud computing depends on ensuring that the performance of the applications and their service quality is equal to those deployed in their on-premises data centers. Whether a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure is used, holistic performance visibility is required to ensure successful service delivery and achieve high efficiency.

Not sure how to start monitoring cloud infrastructure and performance? A cohesive application performance monitoring (APM) strategy that focuses on customers’ digital experience, business transactions, application dependencies and infrastructure performance is key to achieving application performance success.


While cloud computing offers enterprises many benefits, it also poses several monitoring and management challenges. Given the distributed and heterogeneous nature of cloud environments, it is difficult to pinpoint the root cause of performance problems. To utilize cloud technology effectively, you need to figure out how to monitor and control elements across the entire infrastructure.

  • Most cloud infrastructures involve multiple interdependent tiers: application, virtualization, storage, network, etc. A problem in one tier affects other tiers—making root cause diagnosis a challenge.
  • Cloud environments involve multiple domains of control—one for infrastructure, another for applications, etc. Lack of centralized visibility makes performance difficult.
  • The cloud infrastructure is shared and has workloads from multiple customers. A S surge in demand from one customer’s workload can affect the performance of applications for another customer.
eG Enterprise: End User Monitoring Tools

Cloud service delivery assurance from eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise is a comprehensive unified performance management and hybrid cloud monitoring solution for cloud and on-premises infrastructures. Available in SaaS-based and on-premises deployment models, eG Enterprise enables the success of your cloud initiatives by delivering end-to-end visibility across user experience and performance of applications, database, virtualization, storage and network. From a single pane of glass, administrators can use the cloud monitoring platform to automatically:

  • Discover cloud (public, private, hybrid) and on-premises infrastructures
  • Map inter-dependencies between tiers
  • Correlate performance insights across heterogeneous components
  • Identify the root cause of performance issues to provide faster resolution

eG Enterprise is a cloud monitoring software that offers total performance management across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS infrastructures, serving the needs of enterprises deploying applications in the cloud (cloud consumers) and service providers hosting cloud infrastructures (cloud providers).

eG Enterprise for Cloud monitoring

eG Enterprise offers a range of hybrid cloud monitoring tools that can provide you peace of mind when deploying key business applications in the cloud and can enable successful cloud migration and scaling:

  • Single console to monitor all your cloud infrastructure and applications running on the cloud
  • Monitor public, private or hybrid cloud deployments and correlate between physical, virtualized and cloud-based systems
  • Auto-baseline usage and get alerted in advance when abnormal usage patterns are detected
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We are truly impressed with eG Innovations cloud performance management solution. eG beats out most of the competition in terms of coverage for diverse virtual server environments as well as for its distinctive 'top down' and 'bottom up' real-time analytics.

Julie Craig Research Director, EMA


Public Cloud monitoring

eG Enterprise provides out-of-the-box hybrid cloud monitoring support for applications and services running on the public cloud including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

  • Measure user experience of cloud services and be the first to know when users are affected and where
  • Track the health of VM instances, regions, and subnetworks being used in the cloud provider’s infrastructure
  • Compare real-time performance with dynamically calculated baselines and get alerted to deviations from expected service levels
  • Identify performance issues that are caused by the public cloud infrastructure, rather than by your applications

Private Cloud monitoring

eG Enterprise monitors your private cloud from end to end, providing actionable insights for performance troubleshooting and infrastructure optimization.

  • Check the availability and responsiveness of the cloud service, ensure users can administer their VMs
  • Monitor demand, consumption and quality metrics for every layer and every tier of the private cloud infrastructure
  • Track application performance and correlate it with private cloud usage and performance to identify bottleneck areas
  • Eliminate false positives and get alerted to the root cause of performance issues
  • Access historical reports that highlight opportunities for optimization and right-sizing

Hybrid Cloud monitoring

From a secure and reliable web-based console, eG Enterprise enables you to monitor your applications and services wherever they are hosted—on-premises, in the public cloud, in colocation facilities, or in hybrid cloud infrastructures. Using automated discovery and mapping between various infrastructure tiers, eG Enterprise helps administrators understand the relationships and interdependencies between cloud and on-premises infrastructure tiers.

It provides advanced hybrid cloud monitoring solutions that help meet security and compliance goals, save your team’s time, and optimize and improve your operations through data analysis. It also incorporates enterprise cloud monitoring capabilities to enable your team to proactively manage and enhance the end-user experience. That will directly contribute to increased customer satisfaction and business efficiencies.

  • Automatically correlate events between physical, virtualized and cloud-based systems
  • Manage resource capacity and right-size the infrastructure hardware (CPU, GPU, memory, disk, network) to support application workloads on your hybrid cloud environment
  • Proactively detect service outages, application slowdowns, server downtime, network latency, virtualization and storage bottlenecks inside and outside the cloud environment

Whether you need public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud monitoring tools, eG Enterprise has got you covered.

Enabling successful Cloud migration & scaling

eG Enterprise provides in-depth performance visibility for migrating your on-premises applications and server workload to the cloud.

  • Troubleshoot faster by gaining access to real user experience and application performance metrics in the cloud
  • Out-of-the-box reports help compare performance of pre- and post-migration environments as you deploy new services or scale existing workloads in the cloud
  • Synthetic monitoring of business transactions helps test performance and functionality before migrating to the cloud, to establish useful benchmarks
  • Integrate with orchestration tools (HP, BMC, CA, etc.) for automated deployment and configuration

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