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Get complete visibility of your .NET application, identify bottlenecks from code to SQL statements, CLR to IIS, and the supporting infrastructure, and quickly get to the root-cause of performance problems.

Embrace .Net monitoring for in depth visibility into your IT performance.

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Proactive performance monitoring of
.NET applications

When users report slow performance from a Microsoft .NET application, substantial time and effort is often required to determine where the issue is and how to fix it. Any slowness in the .NET application affects the end-user experience and, subsequently, the business productivity. Every second of application slowdown counts.

Lack of the right tool to monitor .NET applications further aggravate the problem.

eG Enterprise is a full stack application performance monitoring (APM) solution that delivers deep visibility into the performance of .NET applications – from code to SQL statements, CLR to IIS, and the supporting infrastructure (Active Directory, network, virtualization, storage, databases and cloud).

  • Measure the digital experience of users in real time
  • Analyze critical business transactions and diagnose slowdowns
  • Get .NET method-level visibility to fix application code issues
  • Understand application dependencies with underlying infrastructure
  • Auto-correlate alerts & isolate the root cause of performance problems
Full Stack Java Performance Monitoring

eG Enterprise for .NET monitoring

eG Enterprise is an end-to-end APM solution, simplifying the monitoring of .NET applications.

Gain access to comprehensive visibility into all aspects of .NET application performance:

  • Monitor the user experience of Deliver superior application performance
  • Ensure fast and continuous production rollouts
  • Improve business productivity and IT operational efficiency
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eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano Senior Manager, Allscripts

Full stack Microsoft .NET
application performance monitoring

Optimize digital user experience for .NET web apps

Use built-in real user monitoring (RUM) capabilities to measure the customer journey in real time. Know when and where user experience problems occur.

  • Monitor browser access to .NET applications and receive proactive alerts for slowdowns, errors, and downtime
  • Measure industry-standard Apdex score to assess end-user experience
  • View a breakdown of processing time for every web browser request to the application from a desktop or mobile device
  • Identify if slowness is due to the network, server or content download, or browser rendering
Microsoft .NET Performance Monitoring with eG Enterprise

Analyze distributed server-side .NET transactions

Monitoring .NET applications with eG Enterprise is simple and comprehensive. Allowing businesses to:

  • Tag and follow every single .NET transaction across all application tiers
  • Visualize the flow of business transactions through the application runtime architecture – across web servers, application servers and databases
  • Measure the execution time taken by each tier and easily identify where slowdowns occur
  • Use advanced hop-by-hop analysis, trace across all tiers, with no gaps
  • Examine transactions through multi-tiered IIS servers, JVMs, and external service calls
Microsoft .NET Transaction Monitoring with eG Enterprise

Gain deep insights into .NET code and identify errors

  • In a single click, drill down to the .NET application code and identify errors and exceptions with comprehensive .NET application monitoring
  • Get method-level visibility and pinpoint the exact line of code delaying transaction processing
  • View error-prone, badly written and long-running database queries
  • Analyze transactions from both web browsers and native mobile applications

In-depth monitoring of .NET framework, CLR, and IIS

Get out-of-the-box monitoring for Microsoft IIS Servers, including:

  • Web server HTTP errors, service request queues, cache hit rate and availability of IIS sites
  • .NET Framework, application requests, cache, compile and runtime errors, SQL connections, and worker processes
  • Application pool status, processes, CPU and memory utilization, threads, handles, page faults, IOPS, and more
  • CLR exceptions, garbage collection, heap memory, classes loaded, AppDomains and assemblies
Microsoft .NET Application Performance Monitoring with eG Enterprise

Troubleshoot faster with automated root cause diagnosis

  • Get out-of-the-box visibility throughout the entire infrastructure supporting .NET applications: SQL Server, Oracle, Active Directory, IIS, Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V, VMware, and more
  • Auto-discover application-to-infrastructure dependencies and visualize topology from intuitive maps
  • Automatically correlate insights with .Net performance monitoring across the infrastructure and pinpoint the root cause
eG Enterprise: Microsoft .NET Monitoring Tools

Application performance monitoring for all stakeholders

  • Application owners can detect user experience and application performance issues
  • IT administration teams can drill into any component (.NET, IIS, SQL Server, AD, cloud, etc.) and gain deep performance insights for troubleshooting
  • DevOps teams can proactively identify performance bottlenecks and ensure faster production rollouts
  • Developers benefit from quick identification of code-level and database query-level errors
  • Helpdesk personnel can quickly view the entire .NET service performance at a glance, pinpoint problem areas for faster escalations
eG Enterprise: Microsoft .NET Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting

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