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The digital experience of users is the benchmark for IT performance today. Improve business outcomes by monitoring and ensuring a great user experience for any application, from any client.

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Why Monitor the Digital Experience

As enterprises are increasingly relying on websites and web applications to deliver business services, they are constantly faced with the struggle to deliver a fast and uninterrupted digital experience to end users. Even a slight delay in page load time translates into lost revenue, poor customer satisfaction and negative brand impact. For example:

  • A one second increase in page load time for Amazon translates into a 1% drop in sales (about $1.6 billion in sales annually).
  • Google found that a delay of 0.5 seconds in search page load time dropped traffic by 20%.
eG Enterprise: End User Monitoring Tools

Measuring the user experience at all times is a key to achieving faster problem diagnosis and resolution, and ensuring enhanced website experience for customers. A recent Gartner survey concluded that end-user experience monitoring is the most critical dimension of application performance management (APM).

Challenges in Digital Experience Monitoring

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Web application architectures are becoming more sophisticated in order to support delivering highly interactive and graphic-rich front-end content. This complexity increases the challenge for application owners and IT teams who need to measure user experience.

User experience is often affected by web objects, browser code, third-party services, or the Internet infrastructure. Monitoring server-side metrics—although needed—is no longer sufficient. Domain experts need to have visibility into the client side and identify when, where and why someone is having poor user experience. Without the right tools to measure user experience, this is a nearly an impossible task.

Digital Experience Monitoring with
eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise is a total performance monitoring solution that measures the business service impact from the user experience perspective. It enables you to monitor how customers interact with your websites in real time and synthetically test performance 24x7. eG Enterprise provides built-in user experience metrics and actionable insights to proactively alert you to all client-side issues. Intuitive dashboards, reports and user experience metrics help you track customer satisfaction and easily address performance issues before there is a business impact.

eG Enterprise includes two approaches to measure digital user experience:

  • Passively, using real user monitoring
  • Actively, using synthetic transaction monitoring

These two approaches are complementary to one another, and administrators can decide which one to employ based on their specific requirements and custom needs.

We have no more frustrations because now we know where the problem is, and the root cause of issues is detected in minutes. With the eG Enterprise performance monitoring suite we deliver a robust and reliable environment that guarantees maximum uptime and user satisfaction.

Wilfried Landsheer Director, Systemat Digital Hub

Digital Experience Monitoring Features

Real User Monitoring

eG Enterprise passively and continuously monitors user experience with real user monitoring (RUM). Using an agentless approach eG Enterprise captures and analyzes, in real time, every transaction of every user on your website, continuously tracking availability, functionality and responsiveness, and automatically diagnosing slow web pages and URLs:

  • Identify times when user experience is poor
  • Isolate the specific URLs and web pages that are affected
  • Find out which geographical locations are impacted and why
  • Measure customer satisfaction with an out-of-the-box Apdex rating
  • Isolate page load issues and JavaScript errors with intuitive dashboards
Real End User Monitoring with eG Enterprise
  • Analyze traffic and user experience metrics by browser type, location and user device (desktop or mobile)
  • Drill down into a slow transaction and detect if it originates in the network, server backend, content download, or front-end browser with high processing time

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

eG Enterprise monitors user experience on web-based, thin-client (e.g. Citrix), and thick-client (e.g. SAP) applications using an active synthetic monitoring approach. eG Enterprise employs the same client applications accessed by end users and emulates transactions to obtain proactive user experience measurements. Synthetic monitoring offers several key uses:

  • It is useful for testing website paths and transactions not taken by end users. This helps detect issues before real users encounter them when accessing the application.
  • Development teams can test performance before rolling out applications/upgrades/patches to customers in a new market or geography.
  • Baselines can be established with synthetic monitoring tests, which can later be compared with measurements from real user monitoring to track deviations.

The combination of both RUM and synthetic monitoring provide the complete set of metrics and KPIs needed to effectively monitor user experience.

Troubleshoot User Experience Issues

eG Enterprise delivers deep diagnostics to troubleshoot end-user experience issues. Administrators can use built-in dashboards, charts and reports to analyze infrastructure performance and resource utilization metrics that impact user experience in the front-end. With eG Enterprise, they can:

  • Perform capacity planning, plus optimize and load balance the infrastructure to better support application delivery.
  • Correlate slow transactions with the performance of application, server, database, network, storage and virtualization platforms to pinpoint the root cause. Automated correlation of performance metrics helps achieve faster root cause diagnosis and problem resolution.
eG Enterprise: End-User Experience Management

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