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Synthetic Monitoring
with eG Enterprise

Proactively monitor business transactions
and troubleshoot user experience issues

Measure Customer Experience and Application Performance Proactively

eG Enterprise: Synthetic Monitoring Tool

End-user satisfaction and productivity are the ultimate measures of application performance. By monitoring the end-user experience continuously, IT managers will be alerted when users experience poor performance, slowdowns or outages.

Many modern applications have built-in instrumentation to track and report key performance metrics. This passive monitoring approach is not effective when users are not actively using the applications, or when instrumentation is not available (for example, legacy applications and custom applications). Therefore, a synthetic monitoring approach is required to actively and continuously test business transactions and preemptively identify performance problems.

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring with eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise: Synthetic Monitoring Tools
Continuous Performance Monitoring from Any Location

Synthetic monitoring complements eG Enterprise’s real user monitoring capabilities to achieve complete end-user experience management and performance assurance. Administrators can create synthetic transactions and monitor the performance of simulated transactions from various locations and endpoints.

  • Collect availability and response time statistics over time, and identify trends and patterns when the user experience is likely to be poor
  • Establish baselines for transaction performance, and be proactively alerted when there is a potential slowdown or service outage
  • Compare performance across locations and identify location-specific slowdowns



Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

We have no more frustrations because now we know where the problem is, and the root cause of issues is detected in minutes. With the eG Enterprise performance monitoring suite we deliver a robust and reliable environment that guarantees maximum uptime and user satisfaction.

Wilfried Landsheer
Director, Systemat Digital Hub


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