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Multi-vendor hardware monitoring
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The need for monitoring applications and software is unquestionable, but server hardware monitoring is equally important. Sometimes, a malfunctioning server hardware component can cause server downtime, thereby adversely impacting the performance of a critical business service. Detecting and fixing a server hardware problem on time can increase service uptime and enhance customer satisfaction. Furthermore, if a server hardware failure is not identified and addressed on time, it could cause irreparable damage to the server hardware, bring down critical IT services, cause colossal data loss, and catapult maintenance costs.

  • Malfunctioning server hardware component can cause server downtime
  • Detecting and fixing a server hardware problem on time can increase service uptime and enhance customer satisfaction
  • If a server hardware failure is not identified and addressed on time, it can bring down critical IT services, cause data loss, and catapult maintenance costs

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike MontanoSenior Manager, Allscripts

The biggest challenge in monitoring server hardware: too many tools

One of the biggest challenges in monitoring server hardware is heterogeneity. IT infrastructures typically comprise of equipment from multiple manufacturers. Each manufacturer provides their own solution for monitoring and managing their server hardware. As a result, troubleshooting can be complex and time-consuming, precisely when speed is truly of the essence.

In a multi-vendor environment, IT administrators need a single integrated console from where they can monitor the heterogeneous server hardware components that they are responsible for. Administrators require automatic correlation between the performance of the server hardware and the user view of the IT services that use the server hardware, so that problems can be identified as being caused by the server hardware or by the software.

Monitor server hardware with eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise offers integrated monitoring of multi-vendor server hardware from a central console. Monitoring of IBM, HP, Oracle and Dell server hardware is supported, irrespective of the operating system used (Windows, Linux, HPUX, Solaris, or AIX). Monitoring of servers running Windows, Linux, HPUX is done using SNMP. eG agents integrate with IBM Director agents, HP Insight agents, and Dell OpenManage agents for this purpose. For Solaris and AIX native OS hooks and commands are used to collect server hardware status information.

While agent-based monitoring is required for monitoring Oracle Solaris server hardware, Compaq/HP, Dell, and IBM servers are managed agentless using SNMP. Hardware monitoring is also support for VMware servers. VMware APIs are used to assess the health of processor sensors, memory sensors, power supplies, to get fan speed, etc.

All of these metrics are integrated into specialized application models for over 150 applications, servers, and devices that eG Enterprise includes. A patented root-cause diagnosis engine continuously analyzes the metrics to identify if there are any bottlenecks in the system, and where they are: the network, the operating system, the application, or the server hardware.

Using these metrics, administrators can proactively detect server hardware failures and rectify them, and therefore considerably reduce related service downtimes. eG Monitor for Hardware, with its ability to accurately report the status of multi-vendor server hardware running heterogeneous operating systems, is an ideal solution for server hardware monitoring.

One monitor for complete server hardware monitoring visibility

eG Enterprise reveals a wealth of hardware performance/health information:

  • Is server hardware working properly?
  • Which hardware unit on the server is currently experiencing issues:
    1. Chassis
    2. Power supply unit
    3. Voltage / amperage probe
    4. Cooling device
    1. Temperature probe
    2. Memory device
    3. Chassis intrusion detection device
  • Are all processors available for use?
  • Which memory partition is currently unavailable?
  • Is the correctable memory error log feature enabled on the server?
  • Have any memory errors occurred recently?
  • Which disk drives is unavailable?
  • Have any physical or logical drives failed?
  • Are the cooling units/fans working properly?
  • Is any current sensor currently inactive?
  • What is the current voltage of the power supply? Is it normal or abnormal?
  • What is the current status of the power supply units on the server?
  • Have too many system faults occurred?
  • Is the temperature of any hardware units (processor, memory unit, etc.) unusually high?
  • Is condition normal for the array sub-system?
  • Any abnormalities in the array controller and array controller board?
  • Are all LEDs active?

* Actual capabilities may vary according to the operating system in use and server hardware.

Benefits of server hardware monitoring with
eG Enterprise

  • An integrated multi-vendor monitoring solution: Use eG Enterprise to monitor the status and performance of multi-vendor, multi-platform server hardware components at anytime, from anywhere, from a central web console. Administrators no longer need a separate console for HP hardware, another for Dell, another for Sun, and so on
  • Leverages investment in existing server hardware and monitoring agents: eG Enterprise integrates with HP Insight, Dell OpenManage, and IBM Director, so you can leverage your existing deployment of server hardware agents
  • Flexible monitoring options: eG Enterprise allows you the flexibility to choose between the agent-based and agentless approaches to monitoring server hardware
  • Proactive planning and enhanced server uptime: eG Enterprise enables you to collect, consolidate, and present a wealth of performance results pertaining to the monitored server hardware. This information is critical for historical analysis, trending, and proactive planning, so that server downtimes can be minimized
  • Proactive alerting: Instantly be notified of server hardware and software issues, in many cases well before the actual failure occurs. Administrators can thus initiate corrective actions very early in the process, thereby ensuring minimal or no impact on the service performance
  • Automatic correlation and accurate root-cause diagnosis: With eG Enterprise, you can look across server hardware and software layers of a server, automatically correlate performance across these layers, and accurately identify the root-cause of problems
  • Single-pane-of-glass solution: eG Enterprise provides actionable answers for performance bottlenecks anywhere across the infrastructure, hardware or software, allowing administrators to focus effort on solving problems instead of locating them

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