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NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

One of the biggest problems for network administrators is when users complain of slowness in network or application access. The challenging thing here is to determine if it is indeed a network problem, is there a network congestion and if so, what is causing that? Are all users affected or only some users? Should bandwidth be increased to meet demand or can it be optimized?

One of the key network monitoring capabilities of eG Enterprise is a built-in NetFlow analyzer to monitor flow data and present actionable insights for network administrators to:

  • Understand network traffic patterns to gain insights
  • Identify anomalous spikes and suspicious application traffic
  • Track which application/user/protocol is consuming most bandwidth
  • Analyze historical bandwidth usage stats to get optimization insights
  • Isolate routers or switches causing backup overloads and cause network congestion

Get eG Enterprise NetFlow analyzer for your network today and address your bandwidth monitoring challenges.

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano Senior Manager, Allscripts

Analyze Network Traffic Patterns and Gain Insights into Traffic Usage

  • Monitor and visualize NetFlow data in real time and analyze how packets are being transmitted
  • Identify the top sources and destinations with maximum traffic being communicated
  • Identify network backup overloads by identifying traffic flows
  • Track which protocols are most used on the network
  • Generate reports to analyze traffic over time to see peak load times
  • Leverage built-in diagnostics to view 'top N' flows for conversations, applications, etc.

Monitor Bandwidth Usage & Isolate Network Top Talkers

  • Measure bandwidth utilization by source, destination, conversation and application
  • Drill down to identify reasons for network congestion
  • View the list of top talkers on the network and identify bandwidth hogs
  • Access historical reports that highlight bandwidth usage patterns
  • Compare real-time bandwidth consumption for capacity planning with dynamically calculated baselines and get alerted to deviations
  • Optimize bandwidth usage with actionable insights without having to increase capacity and expenditure

Drill Down into Interface-Level NetFlow Forensics

  • Monitor traffic patterns at an interface level to isolate unusual flows
  • Report on how traffic on each interface is distributed across applications/protocols
  • Identify the hosts connected to specific interfaces with high ingress/egress bandwidth
  • Get alerted on I/O interfaces that impact the traffic and their current speeds
  • Monitor in real time incoming and outgoing traffic and bandwidth utilization of each interface

Analyze Abnormal Traffic Patterns & Application Traffic

  • Track down suspicious traffic patterns that might be potential security breaches
  • Get alerted to unusual application traffic (spikes, sudden decreases and disappearances)
  • Understand the impact of web apps and SaaS apps traffic on bandwidth
  • Gain application-aware network traffic insights for capacity planning and performance analytics

How the eG Enterprise NetFlow Analyzer Works

The eG NetFlow collector installed on a dedicated system collects packet data from NetFlow-enabled devices. It collects flow data from the devices and sends it to an eG NetFlow Analyzer, which is a web-based monitoring and analytics tool that converts the raw flow data into meaningful information and presents them on intuitive dashboards for monitoring insights. Historical NetFlow data is aggregated and stored in a backend database for reporting and analytics.

Each eG NetFlow collector can handle up to 20,000 flows/second and supports export of NetFlow records from all NetFlow-enabled devices (routers, switches, etc.).

The NetFlow Collector from eG Innovations can handle up to 20,000 flows per second.
How eG Enterprise collects and monitors NetFlow data

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